2015 > Marketing NZ Motocross- Heads up on Trends for Marketing Sport Overseas

2015 > Marketing NZ Motocross- Heads up on Trends for Marketing Sport Overseas

With 2015 NZ MX Championships fast approaching, what trends and shifts have occurred overseas to market sports to a greater audience?

Statistics from offshore companies state that in an ever changing age of trying to grab customer/sports fan/mainstream audience attention to engage and watch their chosen sport- technological devices remain key.

With a shift away from traditional camera footage to screen, mainly due to online live feeds, Media companies offer customers interactive experiences on athlete’s performances through touch mobile, web, broadcast and social media networks.

Reference: www.stats.com

Reference: www.stats.com

These multiple platforms provide data on rider/player/sportsperson prior, during and post-game/event along with promotion of individual Brand, sponsor endorsement and athlete development.

The leverage gained on promotion of cross Rider/Brand via mobile, tablet and online social media networks provides an innovative solution to increase ROI (Return on Investment) through tracking data than traditional marketing and advertising campaigns.

Not only does multiple tech platforms increase Rider/Brand awareness to the consumer but also provides personalised interaction between athlete and fan.

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