2019 Women MX World Championship Final Round- just 3 points in it!

2019 Women MX World Championship Final Round- just 3 points in it!

2019 Women MX World Championship Final Round has pure anticipation waiting to be unleashed, as NZ’s Red Plate holder Courtney Duncan is only 3 points away from claiming WMX Championship Title.

Courtney Duncan WMX Round 4 at Imola Photo Credit: MXGP

And, that could be as early as the chequered flag is waved after Race 1 on Saturday with CD only needing to finish 18th or above to win place in FIM World Motocross Champions historical records.

In what has been strategically planned best ever WMX season for the 23 year old, Courtney has shown careful, deliberate control of speed minimizing mistakes from WMX Opeing Round at Valkenswaard. That GP sent reminders to all, that Courtney would need to get grip on racing up front, not wanting to make same repeat performances of previous 3 WMX seasons- out with injury.

And #151 did. Courtney showed maturity on and off track, delivering just enough to secure Red Plate position by Round 2 at Agueda, then backed up top-level performances to win Round 3 at Loket and Round 4 at Imola, making grand total of 7 wins from 8 races. A rare feat indeed.

For certain, Courtney has potential position to join elite ranks of Women MX World Champions, including NZ’s first Women MX World Cup Champion Katherine Oberlin-Brown. And, that was some year for home- MX-club of myself, family and many long-time friends where we celebrated 2 Pukekohe Motorcycle members win 2 World MX Championship Titles. In 2007 Tony Cooksley won FIM Veterans World MX Cup and Katherine Oberlin-Brown won Women’s World MX Cup for 2nd time.

Livia Lancelot Team Honda 114 Motorsport Photo Credit: Livia

Which begs the question, how far has Women MX World Championship come, from initial Women’s MX World Cup in 2005 which was won by WMX Champion 4x Steffi Laier?

A long way. Not only have WMX Champions Livia Lancelot 2x and Italian Kiara Fontanesi 6x blazed trail for future Women MX riders to race, but in doing so elevated the Women MX Championship to such a level that Media-Film and TV command rights for coverage on WMX.

It doesn’t stop there. Livia Lancelot owner/Team Manager of Team Honda 114 Motorsports heralds role as first Women Team Owner in GP paddock. And Lancelot has achieved succes with riders Mitch Evans currently standing 11th Overall in MX2 class having nailed a couple of 3rd podiums at Argentina and Portugal and Zachery Pichon making head-way within top 25.

And to seal WMX status, the effect Italian Kiara Fontanesi has had on WMX Championship Series is untold. I literally do not know of an individual who has such drive, determination and courage which rises up when even the most darkest moments appear within the sport. I will never forget 2016 WMX Final Round at Assen. I had asked Kiara for an interview post Final Race, Kiara was up for 3rd Overall in Championship.

Kiara Fontanesi WMX 6x Photo Credit: MXGP

Racing was pretty disasterous for Kiara, it rained like no other, and sand circuit turned into quagmire. Kiara crashed, losing 3rd Overall. Yet, despite disaster of season, the oh so welcoming Italian granted me an interview- asking ‘just wait a minute until I change’!

2019 Women MX Championship has been hellava season for Courtney Duncan taking the most capped wins to date in her career. And, if all goes to plan, CD can stand top step of WMX podium, knowing what it has taken to get there, and whose company she shares the moment with.

WMX Final Round 5 MXGP of Turkey September 7-8th.

Words: Sharon Cox

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