Women Motocross World Championship 2020- 4 weeks gates drop Round 1- some surprise entries!

2020 Women Motocross World Championship will kick start 6 Round Series at MXGP Opener at Matterley Basin in 4 weeks time on March 1st. With strong line-up of Women riders,

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Rachael Archer ready for GNCC WXC Series- Rounds 1- 13

AmPro Yamaha Team quote after WXC Final Round 2019: ‘Way to finish the year #strong @rachael_archer65 ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿ๐Ÿ‘Š And it was great debut season for the Kiwi, making 4th place in

Kiara Fontanesi first race back for the win! Remarkable after giving birth to Skyler on November 26th 2019

Kiara Fontanesi ‘First race of the year.. First race of mom.. First race win .. โค๏ธ’ Kiara Fontanesi has started the remarkable. Having given birth to baby daughter, Skyler on

Christina Nielsen reacts super quickly with flames at rear of car at Rolex 24 Hour Daytona International

Christina Nielsen was caught in dire circumstances in second half of Rolex 24 Hour Daytona at the weekend having to react quickly to flames emerging from Grasser Racing Team’s Lamborghini

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Christina Nielsen races Rolex 24 Daytona this weekend

Christina Nielsen partnered with Katherine Legge will race Rolex 24 Daytona this weekend with the Austrian Lambourgini Team, Grasser Racing. With both Women signed to race full 2020 season under

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Women Motorsport season 2020- one heck of full schedule!

Women’s Motorsport season 2020 is super busy with over 13 disciplines racing over coming 10 months in Europe, America, Asia, South America, Africa and Australisia. Covering all disciplines with focus

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Kirsten Landman speak on racing Dakar Rally 2020

Kirsten Landman held herself to high expectations to compete and finish all 12 Stages in Dakar Rally 2020, January 5th to 17th. Over past 2 and half year period, Kirsten

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Dakar Rally 2020 all Stages completed- amazing performance by all 9 Women- with special milestones achieved

Dakar Rally 2020 Women Competitors Media coverage brought to you by: Dakar Rally 2020 is all complete with Competitors coming to Final Stage 12 from Haradh to Qiddiya over 429

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Dakar Rally Stage 11 is done- nail-biting finish for couple of Women- history in making for Stage 12 Final

Dakar Rally 2020 Women Competitors Media coverage brought to you by: Dakar Rally Stage 11 is done, with all 9 Women competitors leaving Shubaytah to Haradh covering 744 kms of

Dakar Rally Stage 10 complete- Women few scares- all through to penultimate Stage11

Dakar Rally 2020 Women Competitors Media coverage brought to you by: Dakar Rally Stage 10 is complete with all Women fending off Marathon Stage in Saudi Arabia’s area known as