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Dakar Rally 2020 Stage One complete: Bike, Car and SSV Women placings- and surprises

Dakar Rally 2020 Women Competitors Media coverage brought to you by: Dakar Rally 2020 has started. Stage One from Jeddah to Al Wajh gave competitors first taste of Saudia Arabia’s

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Creative visual productions – how to gain edge in global market

In global market of brand new decade the need to gain edge over and above competitors in any give genre, industry, business, sport discipline and social networks is vital to

Sara Garcia speaks on racing Dakar Rally 2020 ‘Original by Motul’ class

Sara Garcia heads into Dakar Rally 2020 racing Bike category: Original by Motul class- ‘Unassisited’. In what must be described as incredible test of human fortitide to not only race

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Dakar Rally 2020 Women competitors: SSV and Car


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Dakar Rally 2020 Women competitors preview: Bike class

Dakar Rally 2 Days count-down January 5th to 17th 2020 Header Photo: Kirsten Landman Dakar Rally Photo Credit: KTM Words: Sharon Cox.