Amandine Verstappen leading Women French MX Championship heading into Round 6 this weekend

Amandine Verstappen leading Women French MX Championship heading into Round 6 this weekend

Amandine Verstappen leads Women French MX Championship by 64 points with 2 Rounds to go before heading into WMX Round 3 at Loket on July 28th.

Amandine Verstappen Women FrenchMX Championship Round 5 Photo Credit: John-Claude Pellant

With Round 6 of 7 this weekend at Moto-club Iffendic, Amandine has plenty of confidence boost with points lead, having just completed Training Camp of Bud Racing in the picturesque venue Magescq, France.

#274: Yes with 2 Rounds to go, I’m leading with 64 points, so hopefully next race I should be French Champion. They take place at Iffendic and  Final Round at Mothern’. 

‘I raced at Iffendic 2 years ago, it’s a nice fast track and Mothern no never‘.

With both Rounds at hard-pack venue, though different in proximity with Moto Club de Mothern close to Germany’s border, Amandine will then switch focus to WMX Rounds 3 at MXGP of Loket.

Having gained success at the Czech Republic circuit, winning WMX Race 2 and standing 2nd Overall on podium in 2017, the Yamaha rider will surely sustain momentum gained from racing 7 Rounds at home-country France in between WMX Rounds.

Under Training Camp Bud Racing coach Eric Sorby, Amandine looks forward to racing at Loket, liking the track with goal:

to finish on the podium step‘.

Words: Sharon Cox.

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