Amandine Verstappen tough weekend at WMX Round 2

Amandine Verstappen tough weekend at WMX Round 2

Amandine Verstappen experienced tough weekend at WMX Round 2 at MXGP of Portugal, not only making hard work to pass through field after crash at start of Race 1, but also repeating mis-fortune in Race 2 resulting in drop in table standings from Red Plate holder to 4th Overall.

WMX Round 2 MXGP of Portugal Photo Credit: MXGP

In perfect sporting world, it would have been interesting if WMX Round 3 was at this weekend’s MXGP of France, close to Amandine’s home country, Belgium. This would have pushed WMX Championship out to 6 Round Series, adding mix of back-to-back weekend racing before long gap to Loket GP.

However, the slippery hard-pack surface of Agueda caught the Belgium out early on up-hill after Race 1 hole-shot which dented Amandine’s rhythm for rest of weekend.

#274: ‘Yeah it was a difficult weekend for me. I crashed in both starts and 2 times in same place- 2 times with slow girls. I’m sad to lose the Red Plate like that but it’s racing’.

Not one to dwell on what went wrong, Amandine has re-grouped and will gain as much race-time as possible competing in next 3 French Women MX Championship Rounds which she is leading by 28 points.

Amandine Verstappen Photo Credit: Yamaha Racing

With racing on hard-pack top of agenda, #274 will add momentum heading into WMX Round 3 at Loket- a track she gained Race 2 win in 2017. Finishing 2nd Overall at 2017 WMX Round in Loket, behind Courtney Duncan, Amandine has already proved she is a WMX Title contender.

#274:’I will be back stronger in Loket, it’s not over yet! I have some races in Women French Championship before Loket. The track at Agueda was really fun to ride, I just had some bad luck’.

Header photo: Amandine Verstappen Photo Credit: Mathias Brunner/Motoverte.

Words: Sharon Cox.

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