Avrie Berry speaks on motivation to race 2nd WMX Season 2019 Part Two

Avrie Berry speaks on motivation to race 2nd WMX Season 2019 Part Two

Avrie Berry has made solid committemnt to long terms goals of achieving personal and professional success racing WMX Series in Europe, having made decision to leave home in USA, and set-up living, training, racing WMX based in Belgium for past 2 years.

Avrie Berry WMX Assen GP 2018 Photo Credit: KTM Diga Junior Racing

Not daunted by the logistics of up-rooting from the comfort zone of racing WMX events in America, Avrie was determined to gain as much support as needed to make the shift happen.

As Avrie explains: ‘For several years, I had a desire to see what it was like to race in Europe. I was able to share that wish with Roger DeCoster. Some phone calls were made on my behalf that helped open some doors and I was put in contact with the Team Owner of KTM Diga Jr Racing. They were able to provide a bike and parts for the Final 2 WMX Rounds in 2017′.

Far away, from home town in Washougal, Washington- there was not only different MX tracks to learn, different approach to training and heightened competition on the track, Avrie was 17 years old receiving short, sharp reality check on adjusting her mental scope for managing the whole WMX experience in ‘017.

#36: ‘To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect once I arrived in Europe. I didn’t have a lot of time to prepare so I just continued with my typical training and prepared mentally for this new experience’.

Avrie Berry Photo Credit: KTM Diga Junior Racing Team

And new learning curve it was straight up. Racing WMX GP at Assen, then Pays de Montbeliard in France, which by R2 turned into real mud-bath, Avrie ended 2017 not fazed at all to return following year, under what was supportive break from racing with KTM Diga Junior Racing Team.

#36: ‘Both of the races where the hardest I had ever done. The sand was challenging enough. I had a couple days of testing before travelling to Assen. Sand in Europe is so hard to ride in. The race in Assen was deep sand and then it poured down with rain which was a whole new challenge’.

‘I was looking forward to France because it was hard pack which I felt comfortable with but, it poured down with rain there too! Each race made me focus more on progressing and trying to do better than before. I felt like everything was against me from the new tracks, the weather, my health (I caught some kind of bug once I got to Europe so I was battling sickness the entire trip.) but, I kept trying to do my best’.

‘The European races where the hardest I had ever done but, I loved it and wanted to come back to do a full season. These Women are the best in the world and I wanted to race with them more than anything’.

Heading back home end of 2018, Avrie cemented goal in mind, the challenge of embracing racing WMX Series was not like anything she had experienced before.  Couple of boxes needed to be ticked- switich from KTM 150 to KTM 250F, gain ride with KTM Diga Jr Racing Team for 2018, and crack increasing strength on bike.

Avrie Berry WMX Assen GP: Photo Credit Avrie

#36: After racing the final rounds in 2017, I let KTM Diga know that I wanted to come back. They were working on their 2018 season and couldn’t give me an answer before I left Europe. I was offered a contract for 2018 about a month and a half after I left Europe and I accepted. I was happy to be returning to Europe with the team that had welcomed me as a guest rider. I realized that I could no longer be competitive on my KTM 150 so I started preparing by riding a KTM 250F.

Enjoyment of the sport is 99% path-way to success. The 1% left-over is the part of  Racers mental capacity to deal with the unknown.

It’s no surprise Avrie embraces was she’s yet to experience, taking on board racing challenging tracks, living in new country and culture- #36: ‘I love learning about the country and have adapted to living in Europe.  I have great support from my team and friends in Belgium’.

Finishing 2018 WMX season 12th Overall, Avrie planned schedule of training and preparation to race 2nd full WMX season 2019. Spending most of the winter in California, Avrie: ‘I focused on conditioning and bike time, before returning to Europe to spend few weeks in Portugal training with Team’.

Now, with WMX Round 2 at Agueda, Portugal only 3 weeks away, Avrie focuses on riding hard-pack, knowledge of racing tracks previously, and all out self-discipline on achieving goals already set.

#36: ‘I have been able to ride all kinds of tracks lately. Before each race, I will do my testing on the closest style of track that I will be racing if I am able. Luckily, I have raced some of the tracks already so I have that under my belt. I feel that hard pack tracks fit my style best so I am looking forward to the next few rounds. My main focus for off the bike training has lately been centered around gaining strength because that’s where I feel I need most improvement’.

Words: Sharon Cox

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