Avrie Berry: racing in between WMX Rounds- Europe and USA Triple Crown Women’s Arena Cross

Avrie Berry: racing in between WMX Rounds- Europe and USA Triple Crown Women’s Arena Cross

Avrie Berry is definitely not lacking conviction to race Women MX World Championship– making most of gap weeks in between WMX Rounds racing back in USA in Triple Crown Arena Cross in Canada.

Avrie Berry Triple Crown Arena Cross Photo Credit: Direct Motocross

Winning the first 3 Rounds of Rockstar Triple Crown AX, Berry will also race Women’s West Nationals later in America’s summer, clocking up valuable race-time for Women MX World Championship 5 Round Series.

As Avrie explains: ‘I have actually stayed pretty busy during the long break from WMX Round 1 at Valkenswaard GP.

‘I raced the Triple Crown Arena Cross series over in Canada. I stayed in Canada most of the time for about five weeks with the Manluk Racing Team and I was able to stay on a steady training schedule the same as when I’m in Europe’.

With ambitous goals set in place, and achieving results in both continents- currently standing WMX Overall 15th and leading Triple Crown Women AX, Avrie has to be admired for juggling racing in 2 different continents, dealing with jet-lag time-zones, managing routine of training, well-being and rest all the while on the go.

#36: ‘At first it was really hard for me to travel so much back and forth and try to get into a routine in such little time. Now I feel like it’s not an issue anymore. I know the main things that I need to do; eat good, sleep good, workout and ride and I am normally able to adjust my schedule to where-ever I am in the world’.

Avrie Berry Triple Crown Arena Cross Photo Credit: Direct Motocross

Back in Europe, Avrie raced EMX Women Round 3 at Slagelse, Denmark at the weekend, gaining extra gate-drops pre-WMX Round 2 in Portugal end of this week. Not everything went to plan, though Avrie is adamant, it’s all part of the sport.

#36: ‘I definitely think that getting some gate-drops before the GP is good preparation. The race in Denmark for me didn’t turn out the best though because I got a small injury but that’s just a part of the sport. I’ll be okay to race this weekend’.

With the switch from racing WMX Opener on sand to Round 2 at Agueda, the hard-pack track will suit Avrie, having gained more experience on the surface in Canada and USA.

#36: ‘Lately I’ve been able to train on hard pack tracks in America and in Canada. I always look forward to the hard pack Rounds because that’s where I feel most comfortable’.

No doubt, with plenty on the race calendar, #36 will push her MX career goals out for all to watch.

Words: Sharon Cox.

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