Catch-up with Cody Cooper One Year with The Honda Shop Racing

Catch-up with Cody Cooper One Year with The Honda Shop Racing

NZ’s MX1 Champion Cody Cooper has clocked up a year with The Honda Shop Racing Team, with a shift of focus from settling in to feeling good and ready for NZ’s Motocross season 2014-2015.

Cooper’s first Championship event recently post injury was an opportunity to test his fitness: bike and physical as a build-up to NZ’s Nationals in February 2015.

Photo Credit: Phil Empson

Photo Credit: Phil Empson

Cody says: ‘I wanted to race the guys at Auckland Champs but the track just wasn’t safe enough as my knee was still in recovery mode. Now, I feel good and can concentrate on my training, doing motos. If I feel I’m struggling somewhere on the track I’ll do that part as a section, plus mix it up with sprint laps’.

With 3 NZ MX1 Titles credited to Coops: 2011, 2013 and 2014 along with numerous Championship Titles including podiums under Joe Gibbs JGRMX in USA, one year with The Honda Shop Racing has proved extremely satisfying for Cody.

Honda Shop Racing 2014

Cody: ‘Yea it is a good Team with awesome people. Everything runs really well, bikes are always prepared at top level. I love the bike, last season would have been one of the best bike set-ups I have raced on. And the 2015 CR450F has a bit better power too’.

Heading into Championship events along with NZ MX Nationals: what is Coops looking forward to?

Cody: ‘I love going to the tracks, racing, hanging out with my Team and talking crap haha. Nah, I look forward to racing everyone. I actually feel in a better place this season compared to last as I was on a new bike and didn’t know where I was re: speed and bike set-up. So it’s good to just work on my riding and enjoy feeling great’.

Words: Sharon Cox

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