Courtney Duncan out of WMX 2018

Courtney Duncan out of WMX 2018

A bitter blow for NZ’s Courtney Duncan announcing the Red Plate leader of Women Motocross World Championship 2018 will not race the Final 2 Rounds due to injury.

Courtney Duncan MXGP Qatar 2016

Courtney Duncan MXGP Qatar 2016

It’s been long hard road for the 22 year old, from winning her first International USA Triple Crown AMA Women’s Pro Out-Doors at Hangtown 125cc in 2013, through to winning debut WMX Opening Round at Qatar in 2016.

CD’s performance rocked the Motocross world in 016, for her sheer speed out-racing Europe’s seasoned Women’s MX Championship peers.

2018 commanded Courtney with Overall wins at WMX Round 2 Portugal and 3 Germany.

Totalling 5 WMX GP wins from 8, heading into Final 2 Rounds at Assen and Imola, Duncan’s 21 point advantage was hard won.

For all of this, Duncan can hold her head high for stamping her mark on the most physically, mentally and technically demanding of sports in the world.

For ramping up anticipation on watching battles up front between the World’s best female Motocross athletes.

And for proving, coming from New Zealand with a dream, vision and passion to race a sport she loves is possible.

All best for recovery: Words Sharon Cox.

Film Edit: Courtney wins R1 at WMX Germany Round 3 of 6 2018 Courtesy MXGP-TV.




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