Creative Visual Productions – what attracts attention from the rest?

Creative Visual Productions – what attracts attention from the rest?

Creative visual techniques tell a story within a photograph or film. Those thousand words within an image- 10,000 words in a film speak a language to engage the viewer, to attract interest as to what lies beyond the intial moment as a still or moving splice of images in film.

Napalm Girl taken in 1972 height of Vietnam War Photo Courtesy The Guardian

The ability to create a story within an image or set of moving images is powerful beyond mere caption, sound-bite or daily head-line in text. The nuance of emotion, the depth of meaning and the power to transform what is seemingly a moment in time can empower thought, action and change as seen in images that captured world attention through-out history.

The image tells the truth. The visual prompts greater awareness on what lies beneath what we don’t know, what we are curious to find out even if we do not have the resources. The creative portrays such images to shove assumption on who that person is, what that person is like, where personal and professional loyalties lie and when emotions take pride and place over ego.

Remember the photograph of the young girl running naked having been dosed by a napalm bomb at the height of the Vietnam War, 1972. The image captured World acclaim and brought attention to the horrors of the Vietnam War on civilians. The photographer capturing the image was the protagonist for inciting protest on continued fighting in Vietnam.

Rare are photos which totally transform the mundane into something special. Images that create beauty from simple moments in time and place which change the perception on the meaning of object/person to send measures of authenticity for all to see.

Whether the objective is to elevate sense of transparency on what is real to fake to the viewers, or whether the goal is to raise awareness that ‘real people make a difference to other peoples lives’ imagery serves unlimited purpose.

The expression of emotion from an athlete winning or losing to an advertisment of location for adventure and anything in between can elevate a click-through-rate by viewers engaged online from zero to much more.

Creative visual productions call a stop to ‘copy-paste’ editing. Creatives push inspiration levels skywards. Images and film provoke thought, prompt motivation for each and every person to stamp their own personal and professional style for the world to see. Aerial Services Visual Productions do all of that.

Contact: James Bennell c/o MXLink contact page.

Words: Sharon Cox.

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