Dylan Walsh- career best MXGP of Lombardia Race 2: 5th

Dylan Walsh- career best MXGP of Lombardia Race 2: 5th

Dylan Walsh pulled incredible career best result at MXGP of Lombardia nailing 5th in Race 2 for 11th Overall at Round 5 of 18 in the MX2 World Championship Series.

Dylan Walsh Photo Credit: Revo Husqvarna UK

In what was the complete opposite of track conditions from previous race weekend at Maxxis British MX Championship, Canada Heights- GP at Mantova, Italy tested Riders ability to stay up-right let alone maintain speed on the wet, muddy, deep rutted sand based track which caused mayhem for many.

Hole-shot crashes thwarted chances for Revo Husqvarna UK rider Walsh to get the start and gap he wanted in Race 1, but #53 more than made up for any disppointment in Race 2, riding to optimum performance on track surface which took toll on many peers in MX2 class.

Dylan states: ‘Saturday’s Qualifying Race was tough. I had a bad start and just didn’t put myself in the right places, ended up going down on the 2nd lap so had to come through.

‘Race 1: I made it tough on myself once again, didn’t ride very well so that was a disappointment’.

Dylan Walsh Photo Credit: Revo Husqvarna UK

‘By the second race the track was absolutely ruined so I knew I needed a good start which I did but it took me a few laps to get comfortable as I didn’t do the sight lap. But by half way I got into my groove and rode well’.

Finishing top 5 in R2 under race survival conditions in Dylan’s debut year MX2 class is to be applauded. Not only does result show what the 21 year old is made of when push comes to shove, but also highlights #53 can punch above his weight against more experienced MX2 Riders.

Surrounded by great Team and awesome bunch of people all working and pulling togther for same goals- Dylan has no doubts improvements made with Revo Husqvarna UK Team in break paid off this weekend.

#53: ‘Yeah the break helped me heaps! I got over a few injuries and we got the bike set up a lot better’.

‘The conditions were horrible but I don’t hate the mud nor do I love it but it’s the same for every one so I just wanted to put myself in a good place at the start’.

With solid performance at MXGP of Lombardia heading into Portugal MXGP this weekend, Dylan and Team have plenty to be proud of, ready to race up-coming GP’s with confidence in place.

Film edit: Monster Energy MX2 Best Moments MXGP of Lombardia

Words: Sharon Cox.


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