Dylan Walsh European MX Championship 250

Dylan Walsh European MX Championship 250

NZ’s Dylan Walsh has stamped his mark on 2018 European Motocross Championship 250 class taking Race 1 win and 2nd Overall podium at Round 7 of 11 MXGP Lombardia June 17th 2018.

Dylan Walsh 2nd Ottobiano GP 2018 Photo Credit: MXGP

Dylan Walsh 2nd Ottobiano GP 2018 Photo Credit: MXGP

The fiesty 20 year old, who spent his entire teenage years living, breathing, practicing his Moto-craft skills in USA and now Europe, currently sits 5th in the loaded EMX 250 Championship racing under DIGA-Procross Husqvarna Team.

With Dylan and family making the crucial decision to fund the multi-National Title rider live-in stay at Millsaps Training Facility in America at 16 years of age, has most certainly paid dividends. Walsh’s display of necessary determination to achieve results at pointy end of table makes for bright future racing premier classes in Europe and more than likely back in USA.

Following path taken by a number of elite Motocross athletes: train in USA, race in MXGP, capitalise on both Series to gain financial traction back in USA aka fellow Brand rider Thomas Covington, Dylan has planned and attained results in cut-throat Motorsport career.

Dylan Walsh MXGP Russia 2018 Photo Credit: MXGP

Dylan Walsh MXGP Russia 2018 Photo Credit: MXGP

I caught up with Dylan, pre-EMX 250 Round 8 at Lommel, August 5th.

SC: Tell us what’s it been like racing EMX 250cc class 2018 as this class is pretty loaded with talent, speed and experience?

Dylan: This is my second year in EMX250 and this class is crazy! It’s open age limit so you have the young guns, the riders that can’t afford to race MX2 and the riders that are to old for MX2 so the class every round is very difficult but also really good learning curve.

SC: Standing 5th in the Championship, having raced 7 out of 11 Rounds, which Rounds stand-out as most learnt experience to develop your MX career?

Dylan: The first round in Spain was a stand out for me because every one is after results after the off season and every one wants to prove them self so it’s crazy in qualifying. And of course getting a podium in Italy where it was 35 degrees and a rough sand track was a big confidence booster.

SC: It’s tight Championship, points are close and anything is up for grabs. What’s most important for you at this point in the Series?

Dylan: The Championship is really close and it’s super hard to be consistent so my goal is to keep qualifying well so I have a good gate pick for the start. And then start up front so I can collect good points every moto. At the last round hopefully I’ll be in the title chase.

SC: Finally, best part of racing EMX 250cc is?

Dylan: Best part about racing EMX250 is that there isn’t a title favourite so every round any body can win and in those races it’s pretty much war and I love that!

EMX 250 Round 8: Lommel August 5th

Words: Sharon Cox

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