Film to TV

Film to TV

What is involved: filming Motocross to air on TV?

A lot. Time, dedication, commitment, focus to film, edit, upload and send footage to TV Networks in NZ within tight time-frame for the possibility to air on Prime News Sports albeit there are no guarantees pieces will air.

With 29 Motocross pieces going to air on TV Networks: TVOne, TV3 and Sky Sport Speed this is breakdown of the process on what I have developed over the past 10 years.

The process starts from scratch for every MX story negotiating the possibility to air with TV Networks on a rider competing at an event: National or International specifying the Media package provided will include: film footage of racing, interview, results, photographs and written article within 24 hours of racing.

Photo Credit: MXGP

Photo Credit: MXGP

Air time is dependent on rider’s results regardless of Media package planned and actioned.

Film and edit process takes time to operate and complete in changeable conditions of racing when plans go either way, riders feel elated and/or frustrated, Teams/riders are willing to celebrate and/or rue for the next Round.

Media interviews are challenging when timing is crucial as not to interfere with rider’s focus, filming the moments that capture what it is like to be there while pushing the creative angle on telling the story from a rider’s stand-point.

Notwithstanding the results as these mostly determine if TV Networks will air piece, editing film footage takes time, mostly through the night to meet 24 hour dead-line. Similar to writing a Thesis, editing is more what to leave out as to what is in. Upload time is crucial dependent on internet strength plus selection of photographs and article written is key to story completion.

For a maybe, for the chance to air the sport on National TV Prime Sports News upping viewer stats on audience reach and likes- is it worth it- definite Yes!

Words: Sharon Cox

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