Hangtown re-lived NZ’s Courtney Duncan 125cc win 2013

Hangtown re-lived NZ’s Courtney Duncan 125cc win 2013

2018 AMA sanctioned Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship opens at Hangtown, marking the 50th anniversary of the Annual Hangtown Motocross Classic, the oldest of motocross races of America’s most prestigous Pro-Outdoors Series.

Courtney Duncan Hangtown 2013

Courtney Duncan Hangtown 2

NZ’s Courtney Duncan stamped her mark on Hangtown’s racing history winning 2013 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Women’s Triple Crown going 1-1 in front of a frenzied crowd cheering at the sound of her YZ125cc beating the rest of the field racing 250F.

Duncan’s win set precedent on #151 talent, determination and drive to race a sport she loves.

This is re-cap Interview post Courtney’s win at Hangtown 2013:

SC: What was the experience like, racing first ever Pro WMX at Hangtown, AMA in America?

CD:  It was crazy, definitely an experience of a life-time. To be able to race Pro WMX is awesome, but to go out and win on my debut ride just topped it right off. I’m pumped.

SC: Heading into practice and qualifying, what was your main focus?

CD: Just to get familiar with the track really and obviously to put down a few fast laps to get a good qualification gate pick. It all went well. I posted the quickest time in practice 1 and practice 2 so that gave me a lot of confidence going into moto 1.

SC: Moto 1: how did this moto go- did you race as you expected…any challenges and what were your thoughts coming into the pits after moto 1?

CD #151 Hangtown

CD #151 Hangtown

CD: Once I crossed the finish line after the first moto I was so pumped. I had dreamed of this day since I was a little kid so for me it was an amazing feeling. There were challenges, things I had never faced before- like the crowd was massive! I could actually hear them screaming for me through my helmet so that was crazy. The Media- all the cameras and having to do autographs and interviews- all that is pretty new to me. I really enjoy that side of things though. I had a ball out there, definitely the best day of my life.

SC: Moto 2: we here in NZ know how Courtney always rises to the challenge- what was uppermost in your mind heading into moto 2?

CD: It was pretty much go out there and do the same thing as I did in the first moto. I really wanted to go 1-1 for the overall. I didn’t get as good as start in the second moto so I had to make some passes. I knew I had to be patient and everything would be fine. Once I got the lead I just rode smooth and smart and put consistent times down till the finish.

 SC: track, layout, jumps, ruts, lines…was Hangtown track anything like we have in NZ?

CD: Not really, I thought the track was really rough probably one of the roughest tracks I’ve ever faced. However, I like that as it makes you think a lot more and look for smooth lines. No matter how rough a track gets there’s still going to be good lines out there somewhere, it just makes it interesting.

SC: First ever Pro WMX winning 1-1…dream come true and hard won from so many hours training, focus, determination, plus support from those close…has the win taken time to sink in, or do you feel ready for what is next?

CD: It’s definitely a dream come true. It was only last year I was watching it from home wishing I could be out there now I am! It’s still sinking in, it’s hard to believe really. At the same time I’m ready for what’s next. I’m really excited for Round 2 at Highpoint. It’s another track I’ve never raced but from a TV view it looks a lot of fun!

 SC: Based at Millsaps Training Facility over the past few months, how has this helped your preparation for racing in US?

CD: Being there has been awesome. Colleen is an amazing woman and has definitely helped me in every way. Riding and training there with so many fast riders to battle with each day is awesome. It was only last week I was out doing motos with Joey Savagty, to think I was out there with rookie of the year is pretty cool. They are all real helpful and now that I’m living there on my own they look after me.

SC: Finally, what can we all look forward to with Courtney’s calendar racing amongst the world’s best?

CD: All going to plan I’ll be racing both Highpoint and Southwick in the Women’s Pro. I’ll be racing Loretta Lynns in August so there’s a lot to look forward to for me. I’m just so thankful to be over here in America doing what I love best- racing my dirtbike. It’s a dream come true!

Words: Sharon Cox




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