Is Promotion of Rider and Endorsements based solely on Results?

Is Promotion of Rider and Endorsements based solely on Results?

How much worth is given to promotion of Motorsport Riders based solely on results as opposed to value of Rider’s profile generated through-out racing career?

MXGP Lombardia: Photo Credit: MXGP

MXGP Lombardia: Photo Credit: MXGP

Fact: time on podium steps in front of fans is limited to U5 mins. Fact: time engaging with spectators in pits over course of 2 days max: One Hour. Times by 20 odd GP’s through-out season, plus handful of National and Regional Championships total billing in real-time face-to face with public 30-40 hours per annum.

Not a lot- that equates to one week’s work load for general job.

From Rider’s perspective locked in as marketing plaform for Brand/Distributor on the proviso that ‘who wins on Sunday, sells bikes on Monday’, what happens if Rider who wins crashes out for X amount of weeks/months- do bike sales go down?

For sure, the worth and value of Rider’s promotion of Brand/Distributor, products, sponsors and endorsement services remains intrinsically linked on and off track. Most certainly, product promotions outside racing by Rider within contractual support outweighs time available for promotion pre-during-post racing at track.

Kiara Fontanesi: Scott Sports

Kiara Fontanesi: Scott Sports

More specifically, the Rider’s ability to maintain public interest on Manufacturer and endorsed products through visual up-dates on use while training, prompts awareness of worthiness of sponsor supporting Athletes career.

Traction gained on Rider uploads of feedback and thanks to companies whose product aids Athlete in training and preparation for racing not only elevates Riders profile and status amongst fans, but also broadens scope on performance of endorsed products.

In the words of WMX 5x Champion Kiara Fontanesi, ‘I with my Dad choose a sponsor on what we value as a company, on what we like about the people who run the business, the quality of product and how the company values providing product support for my racing’.

All of which highlights how the Motorsport industry remains intertwined with Rider-Brand-Product exposure to gain win-win situations, not only at the track but more favourably outside track venues.

Words: Sharon Cox





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