Josiah Natzke Races Belgium Championship Motocross Round 2

Josiah Natzke Races Belgium Championship Motocross Round 2

Josiah Natzke (KTM Factory Junior Team) will race at Belgium’s Championship Motocross Round 2 at Mons this weekend.

With just 2 weeks out from MXGP EMX races in Italy, Natzke will race on what would be best described as burnt sand, soft, lines to the max as seen in the video link below.

Josiah takes it all as part of the experience working with Europe KTM Stefan Everts and fellow Junior Team riders.

KTM Factory Junior Team

KTM Factory Junior Team

Soaking up all the knowledge that Everts (10x World MX Champion) has to offer Josiah is settling into a training schedule that can only improve his performance on the track.

Josiah: ‘Training with Stefan is real good. He’s got so much experience and knowledge which is really beneficial for me. It’s good for me to listen and then try what he says and see how it works out for me’.

Having spent valuable training time with BT prior to leaving for Europe Josiah’s focus is on maintaining fitness and bike technique over 30 minute motos.

Josiah: ‘I’ve been focusing on twisting the throttle for 30 minutes and just fighting if I’m not in a comfortable situation. I’m really happy with my fitness, I can last 30 minutes on hard pack…but on sand I’m getting there’.

‘It’s a whole different game on sand, you stand a lot more so my back is just killer after a 30. But it’s getting stronger’.

With Round 2 of Belgium Championship Motocross a race requirement for the country’s Pro MX riders to be eligible for MXoN selection, KTM’s Factory Junior Team will be putting into practice the past few weeks training under Stefan.

For Josiah this means: ‘getting a good start and then pushing the whole moto and riding technically well’.

With plenty of hard work behind him, and plenty left ahead Josiah is ready for what it takes.

Josiah: ‘It’s really pleasing to see my hard work pay off, because when I was in NZ and hurting it was like man I really hope this pays off and it definitely is. I’m enjoying the challenge. It’s not easy over here, I’m learning every day but I’m embracing it all’.

Belgium Championship Motocross Round 2 at Mons, Sunday April 12th (BEL time). Results posted asap.

Link of: Round 1 of the 2014 Belgian Masters of Motocross championship at Mons, 06/04/2014.

Words Sharon Cox

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