Kiara Fontanesi first race back for the win! Remarkable after giving birth to Skyler on November 26th 2019

Kiara Fontanesi first race back for the win! Remarkable after giving birth to Skyler on November 26th 2019

Kiara Fontanesi ‘First race of the year.. First race of mom.. First race win .. ❤️’

Kiara Fontanesi with Skyler at Levanto Beach Cross, Italy Photo Credit: Kiara

Kiara Fontanesi has started the remarkable. Having given birth to baby daughter, Skyler on November 26th 2019, Kiara set next challenge ahead – to gain full physical fitness to race 2020 Women MX World Championship Series.

No other Woman has laid down the gauntlet to achieve success on the track after giving birth within 1 year period. No other Woman has set precedent that females can accomodate having a family with a World Motocross career. And no other Woman, except for Kiara Fontanesi can achieve what she sets her mind on having achieved 6 Women Motocross World Championship Titles to date.

All of which speaks volumes for Kiara’s will and determination to live her own life on her terms, family first and racing World Motocross Championship career next.

It was last weekend that Kiara proved her words mean action racing in Beach Cross event at Levanto on west coast of Italy. Claiming victory on the day in first race back from over a year off the bike, Kiara was more than happy with the result- and had fun too!

Kiara: ‘All went well. ‘It has been a great sunny day at the beach with the family and I won my first race after my come back and first time as a mommy. It was a local race but a very good training!

‘I’m getting step by step back to my pace. Most of all I’m having a lot of fun being back on the bike which I had not felt at the beginning of last year as I was feeling really bad. End of the day we all went home happy!

Kiara Fontanesi Levanto Beach Cross Photo Credit: 9edizione

With Opening Round of WMX/MXGP at Matterley Basin on March 1st, what are the odds that Kiara has ability to get up to pace lining up against field of talented riders?

No doubt 2019 WMX Champion Courtney Duncan will be hungry to seal a double whammy of back-to-back Titles as will ‘019 Runner-up Nancy van de Ven chasing that ever-illusive Championship win. Germany’s Larissa Papenmeier will be equally focused on top podium spot as to French Kawasaki rider Amandine Verstappen.

Ready to pounce on any mistakes made will be Danish rider and 2nd place-getter in 2019 WMX Final Round Sara Andersen, Yamaha’s rider Lynn Valk, along with Line Dam and Shana van der Vlist.

Notwithstanding Kiara’s supreme psyche to commit, achieve and succeed on the track, research on the physical capabilities of Women competing in Sport post preganacy is quite astounding. Studies reveal that Women who perform at high intensity levels in sporting careers and then under-go changing metabolic body conditions through-out pregancy have increased levels of oxygen supply which effectively boosts race/event performance.

Kiara Fontanesi Levanto Beach Cross Photo Credit: 9edizione

An article in UK’s The Guardian de-bunks the theory that Women cannot endure the physical demands of sport post child-birth based on physiological changes during pregancy which has not only enlarged the heart and body capacity to circulate oxygen through-out the body, but also increased levels of oestrogen.

As stated by an exercise physiologist at the University of Western Ontario, ‘this hormone can increase water retention and minimise fatigue during racing by stimulating the release of serotonin’.

Although the period of hormone retention is unclear, possibly still visable up to 1 year, evidence exists that Women can choose to compete at optimum performance levels and above after having a child.

And there are Women athletes who have backed up the claim. Paula Radcliffe won the 2007 New York Marathon 10 months after giving birth to daughter Isla. Kim Clijsters triumphed at tennis’s US Open in 2009 to become only the third mother to win a Grand Slam. Jo Pavey won her first European gold in 10,000m race around 11 months after giving birth in 2013. And NZ’s very own Olympic Gold Medalist Dame Valeria Adams has just recently qualified for 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo after giving birth to her second child.

It is certain, Kiara Fontanesi will remain force to be reckoned with on the track, racing the 6 Round Series of 2020 Women Motocross World Championship. And it is for certain, such bravery shown by the 6x WMX Champion will pave the way for future, aspiring Women juggling decisions on raising a family and having a sporting career as well.

Header Photo: Kiara Fontanesi Levanto Beach Cross, Italy 2020 Photo Credit: 9edizione.

Words: Sharon Cox.

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