Kiara Fontanesi Gym-Time #KF8

Kiara Fontanesi Gym-Time #KF8

Kiara Fontanesi is one of the most athletic, multi-talented Women Motorsport rider’s to date.

Kiara Fontanesi Gym-Time #KF8

Kiara Fontanesi Gym-Time #KF8

#KF8 is not only 5x Women’s Motocross World Champion, she proves her diverse athletic ability equally riding Road Motorcycle, gymnastics, rock climbing, strength training, and oh throw in practice on shooting range as well.

#KF8 has accomplished more than most in 24 years, and no doubt competing in 2018 WMX Series will bring all her natural character talents to the fore.

Most admirable, is Kiara’s candid nature stating ‘you can’t be different from who you are, because it’s something inside that makes you, that is my opinion’.

Honest, true to herself, Kiara delivers what her life is like in real-time- on the track racing, in the pits sharing time with fans, at home with family, or at the gym training, lifting weights, pushing hard for ultimate fitness.

This short edit captures Kiara Gym-Time follow #KF8



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