Kiara Fontanesi WMX 2 Rounds 2 podiums – truly amazing!

Kiara Fontanesi raced 2020 Women MX World Championship Rounds One and Two over the past 2 weekends standing on the podium both Rounds to place the WMX 6x Champion and new mum of Skyler in 3rd position Overall.

Kiara Fontanesi WMX Round 2 Overall 2nd with family Photo Credit: Kiara

Having re-started training, riding and brief period of race-time since Skyler was born in November 2019, Kiara has defied odds on what can be achieved when heart and mind are in sync.

Backed and supported by all important family, the Italian just turned 26 years of age, pushes limits well beyond what most fans and mainstream public would only dream as possible.

Gym sessions are maxed out with physical barriers pushed to one side when Kiara matches her partner and gym trainer through work-out routines. Bike-time is accurately scheduled to make improvements where needed on track- all under the clock.

All the while, taking care and placing family and daughter Skyler top priority come race-day. You have to admire how Kiara juggles it all. Racing at world Championship level is no walk in the park- let alone feeding and caring for Skyler’s needs outside comfort of home.

I spoke with Kiara after each race in UK at MXGP of Great Britain and after WMX Round 2 at Valkenswaard. The following film edit gives viewers insight on Kiara’s thoughts on racing WMX Round 2 completed after Race 2. My thanks to Kiara for her time.

Words: Sharon Cox.



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