Kiara Fontanesi World Motocross Women Champion- in person

Kiara Fontanesi World Motocross Women Champion- in person

2017 World Motocross Women Championship winner Kiara Fontanesi claimed her 5th WMX Title in a hard fought Series racing 6 Rounds from February to September on track surfaces equal to race skill, technique and race-craft of male counterparts.

Photo Credit: MXGP

Photo Credit: MXGP

Battles on the track upped ante of competitive racing with WMX Round wins switching amongst the top World Women Motocross riders from NZ’s Courtney Duncan taking 2 GP wins, French 2x WMX Champion Livia Lancelot claiming home WMX GP win, Dutch star Nancy Van de Ven rocking out 1-1 WMX GP win in front of her home crowd and Italian 4x – now 5x WMX Champion Kiara Fontanesi clinching 2 WMX GP wins at Trentino and the Finale win at Pays de Montbeliard in the weekend.

With only 1 point separating the top 3 WMX Women result in 2017, racing has never been so intense, so focused, so narrowed to gain as much traction on track and table points proving the initial path NZ’s Katherine Prumm (now Oberlin-Brown) paved with her 2 World Women MX Championship Titles in 2006 and 2007 has grown the WMX Series in depth, talent and competitiveness.

What remains most impressive is the sheer determination, will and never give up attitude these Women demonstrated under which-ever conditions racing threw at them which makes all WMX riders the most admired role models for future Women Motocross racers in the Series.

This film traces Kiara Fontanesi 5x World Motocross Women Champion in lead up to the Final 2 WMX Rounds 2017. The film focuses on Kiara in person, her day to day life training, gym, track-time and family time. Capturing insight on Kiara in person was filmed over the course of 3 days at her home base in Parma, Italy, gym-time, track-time and family gathering on the final evening. It is with utmost gratitude that Kiara made time available to film the story with her family and all committments prior to racing WMX the following weeks.

Words: Sharon Cox



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