Laia Sanz takes on new challenge racing 2019 Silk Way Rally- from Russia, to Mongolia to China

Laia Sanz takes on new challenge racing 2019 Silk Way Rally- from Russia, to Mongolia to China

Laia Sanz– ‘In determination lies strength‘ quote from Laia. And hardly, no more words are needed, as Laia respresents sole meaning of brute courage, conviction, commitment to race in the hardest and most challenging of sports.

Laia Sanz Erzberg Hare Scramble 2019 KTM 300 EXC Photo Credit: KTM Racing

From winning multi-times Women’s World Trial Championships, Women’s Enduro World Championships and European Trials Championships over the course of 11 years, Laia set sights on racing the infamous Dakar Rally finishing best ever 15th Overall earlier this year.

Not stopping there, the Spanish-born-KTM-Red Bull rider took on the formidable challenge to compete in Ezbergrodeo Red Bull Hare Scramble – a feat to just make qualifying, let alone complete the one-day treacherous course.

As Laia states: “It was an amazing experience, really tough. I’m happy – I started well after a good start. I was fast through the woods but then I crashed twice on a difficult uphill. I damaged my bike a little there also, so I didn’t feel that comfortable after that’.

‘Before the re-fuelling I got stuck in some snow. About 15 riders passed me there and I used too much energy. Going through Carl’s Dinner was so hard because I used so much energy before that. But like I said I’ve enjoyed it, I completed Carl’s Dinner, and also I learned a lot. I feel my technical skills are good, but you use so much energy during the race. It’s been an incredible experience.” Courtesy KTM.

Laia Sanz Dakay 2019 15th Overall 10 stages. Photo Credit: KTM Racing.

Now, few weeks on and back on KTM 450 Rally bike, Laia starts what has to be counted as hell of an event: 2019 Silk Way Rally which hosts 2-wheeled bikes for the first time to compete in the 9th edition of the event.

This FIM Cross-Country Rallies World Championship Round 2 starts at the capital of Eastern Siberia tonight: July 6th, for 10 leg journey which riders, drivers of 4-wheeled vehicles traverse over course of 5,000kms crossing Siberia and Mongolia before arriving in the heart of China’s Gobi desert.

With almost two-thirds of the 10 day event raced against the clock, Laia sets bench-mark high, keeping good company amongst Red Bull KTM Factory Racing riders- sharing comradeship in most challenging of race conditions.

Laia: ‘“I am feeling good right now, not quite 100% but definitely better than a few months ago. I had a small injury after Dakar, which took a little time to recover from, then I started training hard for Erzberg. Following the Hare Scramble, I went back to the rally bike, but I haven’t been able to spend that much time on it”‘.

Laia Sanz Dakar 2019 Overall 15th Photo Credit: Laia

‘”I’m looking forward to getting some kilometres done at the Silk Way Rally. The new race looks exciting and I’m really looking forward to it”‘. 

“‘10 days racing will be tough, and the goal is to make it safely to the finish and get some good training for Dakar 2020. I’m also looking forward to being back with the rally guys and the whole team. I really enjoy racing with them all.”’

Courtesy KTM.

Up-dates on Laia over course of Silk Way Rally will follow- finish date: July 16th.

Words: Sharon Cox.


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