Larissa Papenmeier wins French Women MX Round at weekend

Larissa Papenmeier wins French Women MX Round at weekend

Larissa Papenmeier took the win at French Women MX Championship Round at Moto-club St diรฉ Vosges last weekend, pipping WMX rider and current Red Plate holder of the Series Amandine Verstappen who placed 2nd Overall on the day.

Larissa Papenmeier French Women MX Championship Round

Coming off couple weeks gap post WMX Round 2 at Agueda, Larissa looked in fine form handling the hard-pack track against her peers, hunting down Verstappen and WMX Overall 2nd place Nancy Van de Ven finishing 3-1 for the Overall.

#423: ‘Yeah I had a really good weekend and I felt really good on my bike’.

‘In the first heat I got a decent start and then stalled my bike in the third corner. So the front was gone and I had to pass some girls. I felt better and better and caught up the 11 second gap to Verstappen and Van de Ven’.

‘I tried to pass Verstappen but ran out of time so finished third in the first heat. Second heat I got a better start and I was first and pulled a gap straight away and I won the second heat which was enough for the overall win’. ๐Ÿ™‚

With WMX Championship points tight between the top 3: Duncan 89, Van de Ven 85, Papenmeier 82, Larissa (Lare to her freinds) has plenty of experience under her belt to stay on top of her game- even with another 7 weeks before WMX Round 3 at Loket.

Larissa Papenmeier with ‘Yamaha girls’- Amandine next left, then Nancy van de Ven and Nicky Van Wordragen Hubers on right French Women MX Championship Round

And that means enjoying what she does best- racing, taking in the atmosphere with her Yamaha peers, and taking stock of the support and recognition that Women MX World Championship riders received, as on the weekend from Moto Club St diรฉ Vosges.

#423:ย  ‘The race was really well organised and the club as well as the public were fantastic. They really looked after the girls’.ย 

‘We could eat dinner with the club members, we had special parking places, we had an autograph session, interviews and really good prize money’.

‘They want to support the girls and I really love to go there as you feel special. For sure the battling with Amandine and the other fast girls was also nice and good training’.

When it comes to preparation for race-time, Larissa banks racing is the best training- not just physically pushing herself to maintain race-craft, but also mentally putting into practice mind-set to put the bike where is needed to gain maximum opportunity for points.

#423: ‘For sure I want to do as many races as possible. We have some German Ladies races coming up but I will also try to race some races against the boys. Its the best training and always better than just ride on your own’.

Larissa Papenmeier WMX Valkenswaard Photo Credit: MXGP

And, all the while juggling work, sponsor promotion, travel, budgets- without these racing wouldn’t happen.

#423: ‘Yes I still have to work. So that’s actually my main point in life as I couldn’t pay for my riding and travelling without that’.

‘But after work I train with and without the bike and my main focus is like always to ride and race as much as possible’.

Words: Sharon Cox.

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