Motocross- why is the sport unique?

Motocross- why is the sport unique?

Motocross sports an industry second to no other sport in the world.

Photo Credit: MXGP

Photo Credit: MXGP

What makes Motocross unique in comparison to major players: Football, Basketball, Cricket which are all ranked on fan-base engagement, Media coverage and Sponsorship rights of Teams/Players/Broadcast rights- is the scope and diversity of racing World Motocross Championship Series.

Note: no other World Championship Series, World Cup, IOC Olympic Games or International Federation Sporting Organization incorporates high profile Athlete/Rider with lower profile/up-coming individual within a globally recognised World Championship Series.

No other Professional World-class sporting body amalgamates premium classes with ranked classes within the same structure and operations of competition as World Motocross Championship with MXGP, MX2 running with selection of European MX Championships, Women MX Championships, Vets World Championship on corresponding one track/venue.

MXGP Ernee, France 2017

MXGP Ernee, France 2017

No other sport feeds industry growth, Manufacturers technological investment, Business accumen, Distributors and retail trade, Athletes/Riders career portfolio along with fostering up-coming talented Motosport racers than FIM/Youthstream World Motocross Championship inaugural Series.

All of which speaks volumes on the sports future: sustainable to increase fan-base , longevity to engage up-coming talented racers, marketable to generate industry growth and global in reach to pitch Athletes/Riders racing career.

Words: Sharon Cox






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