Motorsport- brings people together all over the world

Motorsport- brings people together all over the world

In light of recent events in NZ, with terror shooting of peoples in place of worship, there is real strength in recognition of our sport disciplines within Motorsport that unite people from all over the world.

Mitch Evans Argentina Photo Credit: MXGP

From FIM World Motocross Championship Series in Europe, to AMA Monster Energy Supercross in USA, to Afriquia Merzouga Rally in Morocco, to Australia MX Nationals, along with numerous National, Regional, and club events within # of days- Riders come together to race.

In the spirit of Motorsport, Racers test their limits: physically, technically and mentally against competitors and the best Rider on the day wins.

Even more so, diversity of Nationality is embraced, making start-line entries tougher to predict ‘who will win’- could be seasoned Rider, young up-coming talent, rookie rider, Privateer or Professional- from Spain, Australia, UK, Italy, USA or any other country in between.

For all Motorsport disciplines are based on competition for results, desire and passion for deliverance of performance. Riders and support Teams/crew are unified to achieve points and podium standings. There is purpose for racing, not just for the Riders but all involved within industry and those watching.

Nancy Van de Ven Netherlands GP 2018 Photo Credit: MXGP

Spectators flock by the thousands to watch long-held Motorsport idols compete for the win, on all terrain surfaces- indoors and out-  in any country, all through-out the year. A symbol of solidarity on what the sport means to fans and public at large.

To witness MXGP Rounds (or any Motorsport event world-wide) at circuits with thousands of cheering, standing, packed to the brim fans watching race after race over an entire weekend, is to marvelled and celebrated as the best moment of human compatriotism- regardless of race, creed, religon or Nationality.

All of which makes point: Motorsport provides breadth of unity while inclusive of all peoples diversity under one shared common interest: sport.

Header Photo: Dylan Walsh Hawkstone Park 2019.

Words: Sharon Cox.


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