MX Fonta Racing Team Preview WMX 2019

MX Fonta Racing Team Preview WMX 2019

MX Fonta Racing Team of 6x WMX Champion Kiara Fontanesi has set bench-mark for Women’s Motocross history securing Germany’s Larissa Papenmeier under the Yamaha Racing Team, in preparation for 2019 Women’s Motocross World Championship season.

Larissa Papenmeier Photo Credit: MX Fonta Racing

Larissa Papenmeier Photo Credit: MX Fonta Racing

In what many believe is bold move, taking on board seasoned racer Papenmeier who finished 2018 WMX Championship 3rd Overall, MX Fonta Racing remains equally committed to defend 6x WMX Champion Kiara Fontanesi Titles, heading into 2019 WMX season.

Equally, with Women Motorsport Riders facing year-in-year-out challenges of gaining Factory support, renumeration and sponsorship as professional Racers, MX Fonta Racing has stamped mark with 2 Riders Women Team, racing at FIM MXGP Championship Rounds.

Papenmeier, coming out of successful 2018 WMX season, taking Opening Round win at Trentino, is not shy on what the opportunity means- to race along-side the World Women’s MX Champion.

Not shy to acknowledge the respect Larissa has towards Kiara, the comradeship, and the learning experiences working with MX Fonta Racing will have on Papenmeier’s career.

As Part One of 2 Part article, Larissa speaks candidly on racing under MX Fonta Team, goals, aspirations, and more.

Larissa Papenmeier MXGP Trentino 2018: Photo Credit MXGP

Larissa Papenmeier MXGP Trentino 2018: Photo Credit MXGP

SC: Racing MXGP/WMX Championship for number of seasons now, 2018 was a good year for you taking a Round win at Opening WMX Round in Trentino in April and finishing the Championship 3rd Overall, up from 5th in 2017. What were stand-out changes that you put in place to race WMX Series last year?

# 423: Winning the opening round in Trentino was already a dream come true. My mechanic and me as well as the people around me worked really hard over the winter to make the bike better for me and I worked hard on myself. So I guess that was the main point that I could compete up front.

SC: Definitely, the level of Women’s racing has increased- in speed, in determination for the win, in professionalism and in commitment from Brands and Sponsors. What do you think has contributed to the increase of Women riders on the gate, the speed at pointy end of racing and the profile of Women MX Riders in Europe?

# 423: For sure the level has got higher and the speed is much faster. The women get more and more attention and riding with MXGP and MX2 together is the best for us. Even fact that we have TV coverage is a main point. From this Brands and Sponsors can have advantages and are willing to help. Its also always good to have girls/women from other countries. As I think when Courtney Duncan came over she added another level and a step higher as she is really fast. So we, the other girls try harder to compete and the result is that everybody is pushing more and racing gets faster.

MX Fonta Racing: KF8

MX Fonta Racing: KF8

SC: The opportunity to race under Kiara Fontanesi’s MX Fonta Racing Team would have been too good to hear. Tell us how this decision came about?

# 423: Well in 2018 we spent a lot of time together and we even went to the USA together for some racing. Kiara and her family are just special and it felt like they are second family to me. A few weeks before Imola WMX she told me that we could stay for holiday the week after Imola and go riding together. She already had the thoughts to take me into her team, so she wanted me to try her bike.

I honestly thought “ok, I can try but I won’t be able to go fast” as it was her bike setting. So I rode her bike and I was speechless. I felt really good on the Yamaha. Kiara was standing next to the track, just watching and she got goosebumps and started to cry. From that point we both knew it could work out. So Kiara and her family wanted me to race for MX Fonta Racing. I have a really good support with MX Fonta Racing and I have a team behind me that knows how to “handle” girls on bikes. 😉 So I left Suzuki and went to Yamaha and MX Fonta Racing.

Kiara Fontanesi WMX/MXGP Imola 2018 Photo Credit: MXGP

Kiara Fontanesi WMX/MXGP Imola 2018 Photo Credit: MXGP

SC: Kiara is definitely an amazing person, Rider, role model and inspiration for anyone wanting to achieve a goal which many think is not possible. What do you admire most about 6x Woman MX World Champion?

#423: Kiara is one of the strongest girls I have ever met. Having ups and downs but always stays positive. She never gives up and she definitely knows what she wants. She is honest and just a lovely person. I can say Kiara feels like a sister to me.

SC: With winter making training and preparation for 2019 WMX Season challenging, how do you plan your schedule leading up to Opening WMX Round in Valkenswaard, March 31st?

# 423: We will have a lot to test and I will try to ride as much as I can. Now I always have the opportunity to ride in Italy so maybe the weather is a bit better there than in Germany. 😉

Kiara Fontanesi Gym-Time

Kiara Fontanesi Gym-Time Photo Credit: James Bennell

SC: Kiara has ability to switch physical training for peak fitness levels, incorporating many different sports like rock-climbing, kick-boxing, cycling, and gym-time. How will you work along-side Kiara in preparation for racing?

#423: Yes, I know she took me rock-climbing once…and I almost died, haha. It maybe sounds funny but I’m scared of those heights. I wasnt really high but I knew that’s nothing for Kiara. 😉 Kiara already given me some advice on training and I will work on that here at home. But every time when I’m back in Italy we will go ride and train together. I think it can just be good for us to push each other to our limits.

 SC: Finally, 2019 will be an exciting year, racing under MX Fonta Racing Team. Not only switching Brands, but also having Kiara Fontanesi as your Team. What are you most looking forward to?

#423: I cant wait for the season to start. Im feeling really good on the bike and it will be even nicer at the races as two teams became one team now. So I guess its even more fun. We definitely won’t get bored. 😉

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