MXLink Live speaks with Caitlin Wood racing WSeries- ESports League, marketing and challenges during her Motorsport career

MXLink Live speaks with Caitlin Wood racing WSeries- ESports League, marketing and challenges during her Motorsport career

MXLink Live speaks with Caitlin Wood on racing WSeries ESports League, marketing her role as car racing instructor and challenges the 23 year old has taken on board through-out a remarkable journey in her Motorsport career.

Growing up in Australia, Caitlin enjoyed the family weekends of racing Go-Karts not knowing where the sport would take her, though quite sure destiny would play a part on the trajectory of developing her passion for racing.

Key to changing Caitlin’s development of racing and Motorsport career was taking up the opportunity to work with Reiter Engineering in Germany, in 2016. This meant major learning curves- not only moving to the other side of the world, but also learning the skills to work within Team environment on and off the race-track.

Caitlin pin-points such a decision pushed many buttons- moving way outside her comfort zone along with reaching levels of potential in racing Blanchpain Endurance Series which impacted her future race strategies to present day. Racing was hard, results satisfied expectations in the moment, yet left Caitlin wanting more. There was definitely unfinished business on what Caitlin wanted to achieve on the track.

Caitlin Wood Lamborghini Squadra Corse Super Trofeo 2018

The decision to move to UK, based on working as car racing instructor opened future opportunities to establish all important network of contacts- public and professional. Track day sessions offered untapped potential to develop marketing skills working with drivers need to refine track-skills. All of which cements Caitlin’s ability to develop raw ambition to establish herself in the heart of British Motorsport.

2018 selection to compete in debut WSeries the following year was massive opportunity to race 10 venues all expenses paid. Caitlin grabbed the all important learning curves of adjusting to race single-seater, with best finish at Assen – 5th Overall. Bitter sweet moment for all hard work put in, all juggling working through-out season, and adjustments to racing technique- Caitlin missed out by one point for automatic selection for WSeries 2020.

Guess there are silver linings when needed. Caitlin received her own come-back-chance to race WSeries ESports League after 2020 WSeries was cancelled due to COVID-19. And man, has Caitlin made the most of that opportunity. Neither familiar with sim racing, nor that comfortable with not feeling the car race underneath her, Caitlin has pulled off great start to the 10 ESports race Series, currently standing 5th Overall.

Caitlin Wood WSeries 2019 Photo Credit: WSeries

When listening to Caitlin speak in recent MXLink Live chat it is evident, the young, vivacious female racing car driver loves life, loves what she does, and loves looking forward to the next challenge to conquer. It’s quite an amazing combo given her chosen career is not for the faint hearted. But that’s the deal- Caitlin is full of heart, sole and spirit- a joy to be shared among all.

WSeries Esports League: every Thursday from June 11th through to August 13th more information on:

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