MXLink Live speaks with Nancy Van de Ven and Francesca Nocera on racing WMX

MXLink Live speaks with Nancy Van de Ven and Francesca Nocera on racing WMX

MXLink Live speaks with Nancy Van de Ven and Francesca Nocera on racing Women Motocross World Championship along with sharing their thoughts on achieving professional and personal goals amidst a changed Motorsport scene.

Nancy Van de Ven WMX Round 2 Valkenswaard 2020 Photo Credit: MXGP

Nancy is no stranger to adversity having competed in WMX for 7 years, notching 5 GP Overall wins and impressive Championship standings of 2016: 2nd, 2017: 4th, 2018: 2nd and 2019: 2nd Overall. Statistics deal with facts, yet the actualities of racing such a competitive class tell a more real-in-your face story.

What comes to mind having covered WMX for number of years now, is Nancy’s determination to prevail, to rise to all and any challenges dealt her way, either on track or off.

2017 was a pretty tough year for the Dutch rider. WMX Opening Round at Indonesia started off great with Nancy taking the win in R1, then the rain came, next sea of mud, to point that MXGP R2 was cancelled. Result put Nancy on catch-up mode through-out rest of season- and finished 4th in closest table standings ever!

2017 WMX Kiara Fontanesi: 233, Livia Lancelot: 232, Courtney Duncan: 231, Nancy Van de Ven: 231. 2018 was so close to top step of podium going into WMX Final Round, with Nancy finishing 1-2 at Imola, followed by another doer WMX season in 2019, completing hat-trick of 2nd Overall. 2020 started off with fierce determination, currently standing 4th in table points- now waiting for WMX racing to resume.

Francesca Nocera 2019 Italian Women MX Champion

Francesca Nocera has totalled wealth of experience racing WMX along with winning National Title of Italian Women MX Champion in 2019. Representing her country in FIM Women European MX Nations for number of years, Francesca makes known her passion and love of racing to fans back home.

What is most remarkable has to be Francesca’s position within Italy’s Fiamme Oro – a National Sports Group within State police. Such recognition for Francesca’s achievement in Motorcross is not only acknowledged within Italy’s Motorsport industry but also within the country’s Ministry of Interior and CONI (Italian National Olympic Committee).

With both Women racing a career in Motocross, taking on board all challenges that the sport presents, it remains fascinating that each sustains drive, conviction and courage to compete to best of their ability over time.

MXLink Live speaks with Nancy and Francesca on Friday May 8th at 7.00am local time- links below:                                                                                                                                                          

Words: Sharon Cox.

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