MXLink Live speaks with NZ’s MX legend Josh Coppins on topic of mental health

MXLink Live speaks with NZ’s MX legend Josh Coppins on topic of mental health

MXLink Live spoke with NZ’s Motocross legend Josh Coppins on topic of mental health. Having carved out stellar career competing in FIM World Motocross Championship for over 15 years, Josh has experienced all that involves dealing with mental pressure of sustaining performance in most challenging of sports.

Josh Coppins FIM World MX Championship 2007 3rd Overall.

From forging path racing Motocross in Europe, to gaining Factory rides, to winning numerous GP’s, along with gaining 2 Vice World MX Championships in MX2 and MXGP, Josh has learnt skills to manage his career both during and post racing.

In conversation, Josh highlights key factors which contributed to fulfilling successful career in Europe and later in Australia, which in turn formed basis on transition to post racing career as owner of Altherm JCR Yamaha.

#1: maintain strong mind-set focused on goals to be accomplished. As Josh explains, when helping riders, no matter what age or level, Josh states short-term, mid-term and long-term goals give a sense of purpose when a rider goes out to train or race.

#2: be organized. Josh confirms, organization and planning have been key to how decisions have been made during his race career and beyond. Knowing what goals are tabled lends to identify pathway to achieve them.

#3: turn the page when faced with circumstances beyond your control. If faced with injury, cancellation of plans-events-sponsorship contracts surround yourself with close people and discuss what would be best move forwards.

Josh Coppins Altherm JCR Yamaha Credit: Josh

#4: communication remains key to identify when objectives went right and when goals went wayward. Talking over all happenings with family and crew provides vital links to share how a rider feels from sessions. No matter which level of sport a rider participates in, sharing of thoughts breaks-down barriers on how to adjust, re-set, and manage response for improved performance.

#5: effectively plan for ‘what life will be after racing’. Josh says, making the transition from Josh the racer to Josh the person at home was never going to be easy process. Planning step-down transition from racing in Europe under Factory Team to racing in Australia all the while putting in business plans at home, eased the mental pressure of sustaining a fulfilling career post racing.

#6: stand proud of all achievements, big or small. Stay strong through disappointments. Keep work ethic and values uppermost in mind when faced with making tough decisions which ultimately affect your future.

My thanks to Josh for his time.

Words: Sharon Cox.




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