MXLink Live speaks with Pirelli Motocross Manager Luca Barbetti

MXLink Live speaks with Pirelli Motocross Manager Luca Barbetti based at HQ, Milan Italy. Conversation sheds insight on Luca’s role managing Pirelli operations within Motocross which not only involves providing product to riders at World MX Championship level, but also connecting the Brands quality of performance on and off the track.

Pirelli MX32 Midsoft Tyre

There is no doubt, Luca reflects Pirelli’s success in tyre manufacture- by expressing how interaction occurs between company, riders and Teams across all categories pre-during and post racing season.

From validating the work produced at Pirelli R @ D department, to consulation on improvements to tyre composition and design during testing off-season, to have ready wide range of tyre applications to cater for many varied bike categories within MXGP, MX2 and European MX Championship- Factory and Privateer- the role is broad in scope to meet the needs of riders.

Luca’s command on achieving fine balance of providing the correct tyre choice for track conditions has to admired, especially when you take into consideration race-track conditions can change very quickly.

In real terms, this means overseeing product performance at GP’s. MXGP Opening Rounds at Matterley Basin followed by Valkenswaard were testing weekends- the weather played havoc not just with track conditions, but also in managing rider’s choice of tyre. Luca cites, on Saturday at Valkenswaard Pirelli staff completed no less than 500 tyre changes- from MX32, to scoop, to reverse, all the while during outbreaks of power, mud, and rain. No easy task.

Pirelli Scorpion Tyre

The real value lies in Luca’s ability to focus on what is required at each given situation. For certain, Pirelli has established principles of consistency of service from initial conception – not only through manufacture of product but rolls over to Pirelli personal when engaging with customers.

It is admirable to hear that Luca regards his involvement with riders, Teams and Factory set-ups as an incredible experience- to be able to witness how much riders put into racing at optimum level of performance, giving absolutley 100% each and every time they race.

And equally, Luca’s actions to deliver quality product through honest communications, reliability of service, genuine care to gear tyre choice for riders, result is pride and enjoyment when success has been achieved for all involved: rider-Brand-Pirelli manufacturer.

MXLink Live broadcast has been edited in link below. Special thanks to Luca Barbetti and Flavia Maffeis at HQ, Milan.

Words: Sharon Cox.


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