MXLink Live speaks with Pirelli MX Manager at HQ, Italy on product and Brand partnerships

MXLink Live speaks with Pirelli MX Manager at HQ, Italy on product and Brand partnerships

MXLink Live speaks with Pirelli Motocross Manager Luca Barbetti from HeadQuarters in Italy on product performance, Brand partnerships and technological advancement of tyre manufacture to meet demands of bike performance on the track.

The Pirelli Foundation History

Without a doubt, Pirelli has sustained quality of product performance throughout the iconic Brand’s history, with the first innovation and production of car tyres in 1901. Responding to changing global environment post world wars, Pirelli initiated the first sport tyre with radial belt providing improved safety, performance and wear for the consumer.

Through-out following decades, Pirelli expanded manufacturing plants world-wide, consolidated production while at the same time refining product quality control to meet the requirements of ever-changing Motorsport disciplines.

What stands out as most impressive, is not just the evolution of the Brand which is represented in transport, but the diversity on product performance from consumers to F1 drivers, to World Motocross Championships and all else in between.

HRC Tim Gaiser with Pirelli Photo Credit: HRC

The collaborative partnerships Pirelli has formed speak volumes of the Brand’s sustainable practices of meeting requirements for product performance during racing while remaining at the forefront of design in relation to advancement of bike technology.

These topics of discussion will form base of Live broadcast with Pirelli MX Manager Luca Barbetti on Tuesday May 5th at 7.30pm local time. Live links below: please note there is 10 second delay before Live Stream kicks in-     

Words: Sharon Cox.

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