MXLink Live speaks with Women in Motorsport on financial challenges past and present day

MXLink Live speaks with Women in Motorsport on financial challenges past and present day

MXLink Live connects with Women in Motorsport on discussion of financial challenges faced during each athletes career racing various disciplines around the world.

Vicky Piria WSeries 2019 Final Round Brands Hatch Photo Credit: WSeries

For sure, the topic of gaining funding to race is not often addressed in public- the issues of who provides the budget, the terms and conditions of what the sponsors get in return on investment, and the negotiation that each Women rider, racer and driver goes through to prove their worth amidst male loaded Motorsport disciplines.

If one thing stands out from frank conversation with the following Women- it is there sheer resilience of character to adapt when plans go astray, when obstacles are met and when a-whole-lota-effort in making financial support happen- can go out the window when racing events are cancelled.

Some would call it an advantage to learn skills of obtaining budget to race in world of hard knocks, some would call it ‘sorts champions from the rest’ and some would say ‘if it was that easy everyone would do it’ which would shrink the economic pie that much smaller for all.

Kirsten Landman Dakar Rally 2020 Stage 6 Photo Credit: ASO

Either way, being a Woman racing Motorsport is no easy task- funding is not a choice it is a necessity. So how has Vicky Piria developed her career from racing Go-Karts to F3, how did Kirsten Landman carve out a career competing in Hard Enduro and Dakar Rally, how did Sabre Cook manage to forge a racing career within ‘Road to Indy’, F3, and gain skills as a mechanical engineer and how does Jordan Jarvis do it- win America’s WMX Championship to then re-set goals and race Pro MX Outdoors and AMA SX?

These questions were put to each Woman, and what came out was more than anticipated- sharing thoughts in collaborative way sure brings to forefront ways and means to tackle the ‘too hard basket’ topic of gaining financial backing even in present times.

It is difficult to comprehend the tough mental challenges that Vicky Piria has overcome given she endured no racing for 5 years. Equally, break-down the arbitrary decisions that she received when racing was made available- more often than not at such short notice- ‘yes you can race day after tomorrow- catch the flight this afternoon!’.

Sabre Cook at Sebring International Photo Credit: Sabre

Vicky has stellar strength of resolve to work with what she is good at- marketing her skills gained in racing Go-Karts and single-seater to increase profile of Brands, companies, products and services which in turn gain from Vicky’s established profile within Media and social media networks.

The golden opportunity arrived when Vicky was selected for WSeries in 2019, along with automatic placement in 2020- now 2021- however, Vicky’s determination to keep options open for the future is not only wise, it keeps positive momentum flowing in the right direction.

Kirsten Landman takes a similar stance- though from different set of circumstances. Racing Hard/Extreme Enduro which is heavily outweighed by males, forced Kirsten to entertain her own set of marketing strategies to gain following and traction amongst all important would-be sponsors.

No Women podiums, no Women recognition, no TV time pushed Kirsten to assimilate her profile of racing, results, promotion and marketing of endorsements via self-established Media sites along with Radio, Interviews, TV News and social media networks.

For sure, Kirsten gained increase of recognition at National and International level competing and finishing Dakar Rally 2020 earlier this year, though all effort, attention to negotiated financial support were hard won- off the back of 2 and half years planning and preparation to actually race the world’s most grueling event.

Jordan Jarvis AMA SX 2020 Photo Credit: Jordan

Sabre Cook has never known a time when finding budget to race was walk in the park. On going challenges on how to present goals/schedule/profile to gain financial backing were just as difficult as to convince those listening ‘I am capable to race!’.

Notwithstanding deep passion to race within America’s ‘Road to Indy’ Championship Series, Sabre continued love of learning as mechanical engineer gaining scholarship with Infiniti Engineering in UK, in 2019. The fortunate break tied in nicely with gaining selection for WSeries same year, albeit making for heck-of-busy schedule with the added move to the other side of the world.

Sabre’s stoic character remains in tact, banking that racing is a given in WSeries in 2021. 2020 has just been another learning curve of adjustment, re-assessment and affirmation to make decisions based on what she can work with from where she is at now.

Jordan Jarvis defies all odds that a female can win America’s National WMX Championship in 2018, be told there is no WMX Championship the following year/s then somehow- re-bounds and comes out racing AMA Pro Outdoors and AMA SX gaining her first Pro points to boot!

Jordan Jarvis AMA SX Futures 2020 Oakland- and 2 points! Photo Credit: Jordan

Really, Jordan rocks! It is one thing to gain skills, experience and knowledge racing through Junior ranks within America’s tiered Area, Regional and National Championship events, and quite another to shift all results to Pro level- if you are a 19 year old female rider.

What most inspires all, is Jordan’s matter of fact ability to put thoughts into action- to deliver on goals and to gain results in male dominated classes in AMA Pro Outdoors and AMA SX.

From MXLink Live perspective, bringing Women together across various Motorsport disciplines to share their thoughts on topics not generally discussed in such open, personal and professional way has to embraced- now and for the future.

Words: Sharon Cox.

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