NZ Motocross Championships: Media Marketing where to from here?

NZ Motocross Championships: Media Marketing where to from here?

2019 FOX NZ Motocross Championship Round 2 kicks off at Rotorua MCC track this weekend, pushing Media-Marketing capabilities to the half-way point in the 4 Round National Series. With one day racing, Live Streaming, commentator and Live Timing, there is short window of exposure to audience/fans and mainstream public.

2016 NZ MX Champion Cody Cooper

In comparison, Media-Marketing of FIM World MX Championships over course of 19 Rounds, has length of time to maximise promotion of MXGP/MX2 and accompanying classes, Riders, Teams, Brands, product Sponsors, services and all businesses engaged with increasing Brands profiles through exposure at GP’s.

From 2013 through to present day, Media-Marketing of NZ’s MX National Series has shifted in perspective from: written articles on Preview and results of racing, to print Q @ A Rider interviews, to filming Rider preparation and training, to filming behind the scenes Rider/Team set-up inclusive of race footage.

For TV, criteria on air-time of sport has changed too. Competition for prime-time viewing is fierce, with TVOne News pulling 500K viewers per evening. Stories have moved on from straight up re-telling results, to personal accounts on young up-coming talent, ready to match sports competition overseas.

2015 Australia Kirk Gibbs Taranaki MCC

It was back in 2014, we completed Preview on NZ MX Championship Riders at Patetonga MCC track which went to air on TV3 Sports News. And, same Series at Final Round of Nationals at Taupo MCC, film, edit and upload story on results broadcast on TVOne Sports News, same day of racing.

Fast track to 2018, Media-Marketing of sport to TV Networks required creativity of thought on how to present story on Rider in appealing, intersting style which captivates audience to want to know more about the Rider as a person, as much as about their chosen sport.

With changing brief on broadening reach of audience to gain greater traction for Marketing sport for Promoters, Brands, Teams, Riders and sponsors, NZ MX Nationals 4 Round Series objective would be to raise game on promotion of Championships over just 4 days per year.

Fact no more obvious than global Media-Marketing company Infront aquisition of Youthstream and accompanying Championship Series. Youthstream founder Giuseppe Loungo states: ‘it is very important that MXGP take the next step in terms of Media and Marketing. Under Youthstream, MXGP has grown alot and created very successful Media, TV and social media platforms but now YS is at it’s limit’. YS has reached capped audience. Ref: MXGP mag Issue: 66.

2019 NZ MX Championships Round 2, will bring all excitement of racing, all expectation of ‘who will win’, all anticipation of goals achieved: none more so than long-term objectives for Riders to gain exposure, Brands and Teams to gain audience attention, industry to gain notice and Promoters to increase scope on how to sell the sport to mainstream public.

Header image: 2013 NZ MX Nationals: Ben Townley.

Words: Sharon Cox


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