NZ’s Flynn Mullany and Faine Kahia will race in FIA Motorsport Games November 1st-3rd Rome

NZ’s Flynn Mullany and Faine Kahia will race in FIA Motorsport Games November 1st-3rd Rome

NZ’s Motorsport drivers Flynn Mullany and Faine Kahia have been selected to represent Team NZ at 2019 FIA Motorsport Games in Rome, Italy on November 1st -3rd.

Touring Car Cup Team NZ driver Faine Kahia Photo Credit FIA Motorsport Games

First edition of annual event, drivers from a variety of disciplines will race at the same venue on the same weekend under National Teams. The Motorsport Games will feature six categories: GT, Touring Car, Formula 4, Drifting, Karting Slalom and Digital Motorsport.

Flynn Mullany will compete in Formula 4 category, with the 17 year old currently competing in NZ’s Formula First Championship. Faine Kahia will race in the Touring Car category, having notched up International race experience competing in Asia and Australia.

With 22 Nations confirmed over 6 categories, Team drivers will be awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze medals on chequered flag contributing to an overall medal table.

With such an awesome opportunity at stake, Mullany and Kahia take to the track knowing their talents will be tested against the worlds best Motorsport drivers, globally.

Spanish driver Belen Garcia who recently tested for WSeries 2020 selection takes pride place representing Team Spain in Formula 4 category along with first-ever female British GT Champion Flick Haigh contesting GT Cup.

For Belen the excitement is starting to build: ‘”this is my first year of Formula 4 races and being able to participate in an important event like the FIA Motorsport Games exceeds my expectations”‘.

Updates to follow.

Header photo: Faine Kahia and Flynn Mullany Photo Credit: Motorsport NZ

Words: Sharon Cox.

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