Pirelli- an iconic Brand of performance, longevity and innovation.

Pirelli- an iconic Brand of performance, longevity and innovation.

Pirelli- an iconic Brand of performance, longevity and innovation stands test of time having evolved thought and process on production, manufacture and design of product- tyres- for over a century.

Pirelli Headquarters with founding cooling tower enclosed within HQ

Founded in 1872, Pirelli paved the way for technological advancement of tyre performance for commercial cars, motorbikes and bicycles prompting the development of increased safety for driver-rider on road surface- a fact that remains to present day.

From the very first production of ‘radial tyres’ to the development of ‘efficient energy’ components to reduce heat and wear of rubber, to committed investment within R@D on Brand’s sustainability of product- Pirelli emerges as leader of product performance.

The evolution of bridging the gap between what the consumer needs before the need is recognised is ingenious and results in broadening the Brands impact globally, and within any given industry or genre.

By 2011, Pirelli had secured ‘sole supplier’ of tyres for Formula One Championship- which meant providing approximately 1,800 tyres per race and about 40,000 tyres per year including tests. Inclusivity and committment within Motorsport had profound affect on the Brand’s trajectory on development of new designs and technology for improved tyre performance.

Pirelli 2019 F1 trye compounds categorised by colour.

As quoted by Pirelli: ‘Formula 1® is the highest expression of motorsport and has also become the best way to reduce development times, being the perfect laboratory for elaborating designs, ideas, new compounds, concepts and experiences, which can then be transferred directly to road tyres for every brand of car’.

When I visited Pirelli Headquarters in 2018, for meet-and-greet with Media personal, it was an exceptional experience. The goal was to share thoughts on engaging public with riders’ views on Brands performance during racing- dirt and road.

Pirelli HQ is highly impressive environment to witness- where creativity of thought to overcome challenges – not just in design and functionality for changing markets of transport and Motorsport- but where intelligence rests on analysis of unforeseen circumstances which hold the power to disrupt Brand’s bottom line.

Standing and touching the original cooling tower- which has been encased within HQ new building- confirms the ingenuity of design and thought process which has brought Pirelli of 1872 right up to present day X-Y-Z generation. Amid present day uncertainities, one has to believe Pirelli will be able to progress with insight, acumen and vision on defining the Brand’s product for the near future.

Words: Sharon Cox

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