Rachael Archer gains 3rd podium at GNCC WXC Round 9- High Voltage

Rachael Archer gains 3rd podium at GNCC WXC Round 9- High Voltage

Rachael Archer gained 3rd podium at GNCC WXC Round 9 at High Voltage at the weekend, cementing Overall standings of 4th in the 13 Round Series, a remarkable feat so far given this is Rachael’s debut year.

Rachael Archer GNCC WXC Round 9 High Voltage Photo Credit: GNCC

With racing tight amongst top Title contenders, Rachael delivered consistent performance at new track venue, coming in at 2 hours 13 minutes.36 – 1 minute shy of 2nd place Mackenzie Tricker on 2 hours.12.14 and 1st place with current leader Becca Sheets finishing less than 1 minute ahead on 2.11.44.

Rachael says: ‘High Voltage was a new round this year taking over from Big Buck in previous years. The track was very fast, 4 miles of grass track section and 6 miles of woods. The woods had deep ruts and tree roots everywhere’. 

Not knowing what to expect I was struggling with my suspension setting in the woods. As I normally run quite a stiff setting for rough tracks it wasn’t plush enough over the roots and I was being deflected all over the place making it hard to stay with Becca and Kenz as I was having to work a lot harder trying to fight the bike’. 

To give glimpse on what Rachael is racing against in terms of her peers experience, current WXC leader Becca Sheets raced her first GNCC in The John Penton Round in 2011, and stated then: ‘I had to stop every single lap for water! I was in so much pain and misery. But at the end, I said, this thing is excellent and I’d like to keep doing it’.

Rachael Archer GNCC WXC Round 9 3rd podium Photo Credit: Rachael

For #650, 2019 WXC season has certainly proved learning experience, but boy! have the results come. It isn’t that surprising though, as Rachael has always been so fiercely determined to pursue racing, and under AmPro Yamaha Race Team 5 podiums from 9 Rounds has to celebrated.

Dealing with bike set-up, weather, as this Round was hot and humid, Rachael has proved no match for adaptability, perseverence and not willing to rush during actual racing.

#650: ‘The humidity was really bad but once I’m on the bike I don’t think about that too much so it wasn’t really a problem. I did drink my whole 2 litre hydration pack as I was sweating so much. I know how important it is to stay hydrated’.

Now with GNCC Series heading into summer break, Rachael returns home for catch-up with family and friends, some R@R before tackling remainder WXC 4 Rounds from September 14th Round 10 through to October 27th for Final Round at Ironman Raceway, Indiana.

#650: ‘It will be really good to go home and have a short break. I’ve been in race mode since March so my body is definitely starting to feel the effects of a long hard season. My trainer and I have decided for me to take 2 weeks off before getting back into training, that way I’ll be fresh coming back and have some new goals in place ready for the last 4 Rounds.

Words: Sharon Cox.


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