Rachael Archer story to TV- how does it work?

Rachael Archer story to TV- how does it work?

Media to TV initial story on Rachael Archer in 2018 was introduction of rider to mainstream audience. Interview and film footage were produced to let viewers know Rachael as rider, with grass-roots training and racing Cross-Country in NZ and overseas.

Rachael Archer home Ngaroma, Waikato, NZ Photo Credit: James Bennell

Filmed with TVOne Sports News Producer, and presenter along with camera person, we worked together to give viewers glimpse on young-Kiwi-female rider setting goals to achieve racing GNCC Championship Series all the while still attending school.

Having established positive response from TVOne Sports on production of story, follow-up filming of Rachael was planned beginning of 2019. With annoucement of Rachael securing race-ride under AmPro Yamaha to compete full GNCC-WXC season, next stage of Media to TV was put in place.

With communications between MXLink and Rachael over course of WXC Rounds 1- 9: articles, up-date of results, interviews, Q and A and video call compiled facts, Rachaels’ thoughts on racing, highlights and challenges which were all brought into focus on planning actual filming with Rachael and TVOne when #650 returned home during summer break.

Rachael Archer Ngaroma, Waikato, NZ Photo Credit: James Bennell

Then, plenty of open dialogue between everyone involved: Rachael, MXLink, MXLink camera person to film riding, TVOne Sports Producer, TVOne Presenter, and Kevin, over number of weeks confirmed next stage of filming story.

Main objective was to provide viewers greater insight on how Rachael has achieved stellar results in debut GNCC-WXC year. Growing up on farm, riding with Kevin over all terrain, in between school and phyical work on farm- even hunting- Rachael’s character belies that of strength, force of conviction to achieve her own set goals.

To weave Rachael’s strength of character, to racing and gaining podiums in WXC class, surrounded by incredibly supportive and hard-working family was main theme of story. And all is no more noticable when you actually visit Lynn, Kevin and Rachael Archer’s home in Ngaroma, Waikato, NZ.

With story-line submitted to TVOne Sports, to give heads-up on where to focus questions during interview- film day schedule was in place. Previous communications with RacerX/MXSports gave MXLink confirmation for use of RacerX-TV footage of WXC Rounds within story, white-board pin-pointed what riding shots were required- all before TVOne crew arrived by mid-day.

Rachael Archer home Ngaroma, Waikato, NZ Photo Credit: James Bennell

Crucial in final-process was transfer of filmed riding files: Drone, ground, Go-Pro via Drop Box to TVNZ newsroom by mid-day. Due to length of transfer time, which went like clock-work, TVOne crew filmed interview then set off on 3 half hour travel back to Auckland with final production completed by end of day.

What was truely amazing within whole day, we were all treated to scrumptious lunch. Rachael, Kevin and Lynn giving their time whole-heartedly to make best possible story- which confirms how unique Archer’s are as family unit.

Not just at home and on the track, but for NZ’s mainstream public to see.

Rachael now heads back to USA to compete on remaining 4 WXC Rounds finishing end of October.

Header photos: Rachael Photo Credit: James Bennell.

Words: Sharon Cox.


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