Rachael Archer takes 4th at GNCC Wild Boar currently stands 3rd Overall in WXC class

Rachael Archer takes 4th at GNCC Wild Boar currently stands 3rd Overall in WXC class

Racheal Archer has been on point racing 2020 GNCC WXC season, having taken 3rd at Round One at Big Buck and 4th at Round 2 Wild Boar last weekend, placing the determined Kiwi 3rd Overall in table standings.

Racheal Archer heart-rate performance over 2 hour WXC race.

Competing against competitive line-up of WXC riders, Rachael fires on all cylinders from start to finish having found true mojo on bike on tracks and venues Rach has sussed from racing WXC debut season last year.

And if turning up to race GNCC is bit of unknown in terms of physical demands riders put themselves through- take a look at these facts from Rachael’s analysis of body performance.

Race duration: 2 hours. Average speed: 73.8 km/p/h. Average heart-rate: 176bpm Maximum heart-rate: 190bpm. All the while racing over terrain which varies from hard-pack and rough when it’s dry to slick and rutted when it’s wet- as is the case for the track at this weekend’s WXC Round 3 The General in Georgia.

If there is one major difference following Rachael this season it is her absolute 100% self-belief in her ability to equal her competitors on the track. For sure, it’s hard ask for NZ’s most talented riders who have grown up racing circuits back home, to then replicate the same level of success on tracks and venues whose competitors know from year dot. Rachael puts paid to any doubt that it can be done.

And nothing like hard work, back to the grind of training, refining bike settings, tweaking tiny bits to give Rachael an advantage- all completed every day.

Rachael: ‘I can definitely take a lot away from Florida GNCC. Our team hasn’t been able to do suspension testing yet with some of the GNCCs clashing with the supercross so my suspension is good but needs to be better’.

‘I definitely should have stiffened it up a bit more than I did for Florida, but I’m loving this bike and ready to get back on the box next weekend’.

‘This year is going to be full on with Becca, Tayla, Kenz and myself all fighting for a championship. The whole race is a battle from start to finish for 2 hours. It’s definitely hard work going as hard as you can for 2 hours’.

GNCC WXC 13 Round Series – Round 3: The General March 14th-15th. WXC Round 4: Steele Crek April 4th-5th.

Words: Sharon Cox.

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