Racing Dirt to Road Episode 3: Chris Birch

Racing Dirt to Road Episode 3: Chris Birch

Racing Dirt to Road Episode 3 filmed Chris Birch: Enduro, Extreme Enduro and Adventure rider- the most amazing off-road athlete who has defied odds on what is possible to achieve on a dirt-bike.

From racing Trials at 16 years of age, Chris has developed a career based on a thirst for adventure, for testing limits of human endurance, to push levels of adaptability and forge career paths not only on ‘what makes him excited’ but also economically sound for his family for future years.

Photo Credit: Red Bull

Photo Credit: Red Bull

In 2010 Chris re-wrote the meaning of courage, tackling Red Bull Romaniacs, an event raced over the toughest terrain imaginable over 5 days marking a turning point in Chris’s career when he notched up his first major Extreme Enduro win.

From there, prompted by an opportunity to live in South Africa, Chris along with wife Monica, gained memorable life experiences teaching Enduro skills to riders along with competitive racing the infamous Roof of Africa which Chris won 3 times.

This event, as the film highlights, is no ordinary race. The mountainous ravines, climbs, rivers, rocky passes all navigated by GPS and cross fingers no bike problems is one tough challenge. It’s the perfect fit for Chris, his character thrives on such a gnarly race and it’s no wonder he won the event 3 times.

What sets Chris apart from many off-road racers is his deep desire to share his knowledge on riding rough terrain. Born on the need to have a Plan B to race Extreme Enduro’s, even with the long-term partnership with KTM and Red Bull, Chris initiated training schools to improve off-road riders performance all around the world.

Now, Chris is sought after to teach in over 30 countries with the character of Birch still shining through. In a recent Instagram post taking a group of riders along the border of Vietnam, Chris posted a quick video moving left to right ‘Vietnam and now China’!

If ever there was a more unassuming, humble, non-bling guy who has a limitless edge to live life on the back of a dirt-bike on journey’s never been done before- it is NZ’s Chris Birch.

Racing Dirt to Road Episode 3: Chris Birch

Words, Producer Sharon Cox

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