Racing Dirt to Road TV Series: Episode 1 Courtney Duncan

Racing Dirt to Road TV Series: Episode 1 Courtney Duncan

This Series titled ‘Racing Dirt to Road’ tells the stories of unique individuals whose drive, passion and fierce competitive spirit pushes boundaries of what is possible to achieve results at the highest level in varying disciplines of Motorsport in NZ and overseas.

Filming and production of all 4 Episodes was planned over a year long period which involved working through a process on how to tell up-close and personal experiences of each individual focusing on the special characteristics that makes these athletes succeed against all odds.

In all 4 stories, athletes shared similar beliefs from strong work ethic where hard work breeds success, to values that working as a Team either as a family or with coach/mentor/Manager brings rewards, to adapting to changing circumstances that comes with racing over time, to a ‘never give up attitude’ that marks a Champion from a ‘too hard basket’ mind-set.

Photo Credit: Sharon Cox

Photo Credit: Sharon Cox

However, what stood out as most important among all 4 stories was the belief that ‘this is just what we do, if you put your mind to achieving a goal, anything is possible’. Humble- yes, grateful- yes, passionate- yes to be able to share each individuals success with those who helped achievement.

Episode 1 has been filmed on Courtney Duncan competing in World Women’s Motocross Championship 2016. Starting at Qatar Opening Round of WMX, the film traces Courtney’s experience of competing in the 8 Rounds Series with all the highs, lows, success and disappointment WMX 2016 brought with it.

The film highlights Courtney’s ingrained attitude of remaining positive no matter what is thrown at her, of staying philosophical when things go wrong- not to dwell on disappointment but rather dig deep, take it on board and move forward.

Courtney’s strength of character is all the more unique given Women are not held in as high esteem as their male counter-parts, nor are Women on equal footing for financial remuneration as a Pro-MX Rider.

Which begs the question why race?

Courtney answers this easily: ‘Motocross is what I do’.

Episode 1 can be viewed on TVNZ Duke Channel on November 27th with repeats on:

Episode 1:

Words, Producer of ‘Racing Dirt to Road’: Sharon Cox

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