Riders-Media-Brands-Fans: how does it work and for who?

Riders-Media-Brands-Fans: how does it work and for who?

2019 FIM World MX Championship Riders focus on advancement of their career- maximizing points at every GP Round, delivering consistent performances over MXGP season, fulfilling contractual arrangements with Brand/s, sponsors and product endorsements- AND engaging with their fan-base.

Kiara Fontanesi: Photo Credit: MXGP

What has become more important for Riders is where does the line exist between self-promotion of Rider’s status/career/Athlete persona which brings engagement of fans – while at the same time aligning Motorsport industry contracts to self-promoted fan-base.

Without a doubt, Media platforms have ratcheted up the opportunities for Sports Athletes to promote their cause, their sport, their passion, and their hopes. Social media, Instagram, YouTube video uploads provide an array of online resources to reach fans, expand social networks and tap into audiences keen for interesting, engaging content on Athletes sport.

For Riders, fan engagement resides on their ability to be creative in posting news, stories, moments of what’s happening, which makes fans feel in tune with Rider’s daily, weekly life: training, racing, down-time with family and friends.

More so, not only do numbers confirm Rider/Athlete self-promotion gains fan-public following, likes, and shares but also increases three-fold marketing worth and value of Rider to Brand/Sponsors and potential endorsements- not just within Motorsport industry but all retail sectors.

Rider-Fan Engagement 2019 MXGP Argentina Photo Credit: MXGP

All of which questions where does the line exist on Rider-Brand-Sponsor agreements which reside in mutual supportive partnerships for enabling Rider to race in return for promotion of Brand/sponsors- while tapping into Rider’s personality to deliver visual-personal and professional content ramping up fan views.

As evident in many post-Champions career, Athletes have capitalized on fan following generated within peak sports achievements to develop new pathways: ie Sports Commentators, clothing Brand-lines, Sports Ambassadors, Olympic Games Committee members and so forth.

Making point even more clear: Rider’s role within their race career has extreme potential to elevate their status amongst fans world-wide through creative, visual self-promotion. Such special set of tools sets the Rider in far greater bargaining position than straight-up contracts with Brands/Sponsors/Products and services world-wide.

Words: Sharon Cox.


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