Sara Andersen has plenty to smile about- WMX Opening Round is about to start!

Sara Andersen has plenty to smile about- WMX Opening Round is about to start!

Sara Andersen has overcome nerves, apprehension and out of comfort zone to compete at pointy end of Women Motocross World Championship Series finishing 5th Overall in 2019.

Sara Andersen WMX Sponsor for 2020 season no-escape-racing Photo Credit: Sara

Heading into WMX Opening Round at Matterley Basin this weekend, Sara not only looks forward to lining up against the best Women MX riders in the world, but also knows she has the ability to conquer any challenges faced racing WMX.

At 18 years of age, the Danish rider pulled off her best ever result going 2-2 at WMX Final Round in Turkey last year which definitely sends message to all that Andersen is on track for podium results.

#325: ‘Nerves have always been a big problem for me at the GPs. But I think just to ride more races, feeling more confident and comfortable on the GP tracks made the difference in 2019. I also think I just needed to prove to myself that I can follow the top riders and be more confident’.

Not constrained by living in Denmark, with limited access to tracks during off-season, Sara enjoyed change of scene training in Italy to complete preparations for 2020 WMX season.

#325: ‘In the off season I have not been on the bike as much as I would like. The weather here in Denmark has not been very good and it has been really hard to find places to ride. I went to Italy for a month and rode a lot, which was really good training and I feel like I have improved especially in the sand. I was in Sardinia for 2 weeks and mostly riding on the sandtracks. My main points in training has definitely been stability and of course gaining some more speed’.

With on going research to fund racing, Sara has gained new sponsors for WMX season as well as support to race 2020 Swedish Championship which she won in 2019 along with competing in European Women MX Championship. Sara raced 2 Rounds of EMX in 2019, winning at Slagelse and going 1-2 at Reutlingen mid-year.

Sara Andersen WMX 2020 Shoei Helmets sponsor Photo Credit: Sara

#325: ‘As you said it is really hard to find sponsors and it was only possible to find a few new for 2020, but I have also lost a sponsor. For 2020 I will ride with no escape clothes and Shoei helmets instead and that will be the biggest change, so almost everything is like 2019′.

Racing WMX Opening Round at Matterley Basin will be new experience for Sara, not daunting the female rider, only cementing her focus to race Round 1 then back-to-back Round 2 at Valkenswaard the following weekend.

#325: ‘I have never tried Matterley Basin before and it’s my first time ever going to the UK. I’m really excited, and I think the track fits me well, just hope for good weather!
Valkenswaard is absolutely not my favorite track, and I like hard-pack better, but I have been training in sand lately, so hopefully it won’t be a problem’.

It’s a full schedule for 2020, one which suits Sara all the while sustaining her determination to race at optimum level in 3 Women MX Championship from now til end of October!

#325: ‘2020 will be a busy year for me, at least the first part as I finish school this summer. But I have chosen to ride full European MX Championship and Swedish Championship besides the World MX Championship. My goals will be to become European and Swedish Champion and then I hope for a lot of podiums in WMX and hopefully I can finish in top 3′.

WMX Opening Round MXGP Matterley Basin March 1st.

Words: Sharon Cox.

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