Sidi- Remarkable feat 3 FIM World Motocross Champions

Sidi- Remarkable feat 3 FIM World Motocross Champions

It is remarkable feat that Italian company Sidi holds outstanding record of 3 FIM World Motocross Champions: Stefan Everts 10x, Antonio Cairoli 9x and Kiara Fontanesi 5x have and are wearing Sidi boots through-out their entire International racing career.

Antonio Cairoli Photo Credit: Sidi

Antonio Cairoli Photo Credit: Sidi

Founded in 1960 by Dino Signori making mountain trekking boots, Sidi company has become synonomous with melding traditional values of familial deliverance of product incorportaing safety, design and comfort with technological innovations of light-weight, personal moulded boot to fit the most elite Motorsport Athletes in Motocross, Road and Cycling.

Spanning 5 plus decades, Sidi has transported production of Motor/cycling footwear from range of materials inclusive of: leather to rubber, nylon, carbon, polyurethane, thermoplastic, carbon fibre, nylon matrix and fibreglass while all the while maintaining company’s premise to maximise safety and comfort to enhance ultimate physical performance.

Sidi’s Brand longevity not only resides in the company’s philosophy of continual ‘research on new technological solutions to enhance rider safety’, but also most importantly sustaining symbiotic relations between product and rider/Athlete for successful performance.

Stefan Everts Photo Credit: Yamaha Racing

Stefan Everts Photo Credit: Yamaha Racing

Founder Dino Signori established the familial values of product endorsement of rider by signing 5x World Motocross Champion Joel Roberts in 1969 to wear Sidi boots.

Such collaborative partnership not only initiated the development of product market promotion with competitive rider racing but also consolidated Sidi’s core values of commitment on product-rider/Athlete relations for racing success.

No more so, than Sidi’s partner sponsorship of 10x World Motocross Champion Stefan Everts, 9x FIM MX Champion Antonio Cairoli and 5x Women Motocross World Champion Kiara Fontanesi.

To have 3 FIM World Motocross Champions along with numerous Cycling World Titles under the premise of product performance enhances race achievements, proves Sidi’s invaluable company’s mantra to date.

In today’s cut-throat Motorsport environment where the slice of financial pie is ever-more-so competitive for Rider-Brand-Product-Race Event success, maintaining the highest integrity of Motor/cycling product with company’s commitment to support Rider/Athlete race success remains as significant today as it was in the 1960’s.

Words: Sharon Cox

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