Sky Sport NZ Speed Show: Cody Cooper on Technical Bike Set-Up

Sky Sport NZ Speed Show: Cody Cooper on Technical Bike Set-Up

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 Tune into Sky Speed Show on Cody Cooper Technical Bike Set-Up: Wednesday 19th November Sky Sport Channel 4 (CH54) at 9.30pm and Thursday 20th November Sky Sport Channel 3 (CH53) at 7.30pm.

 2014 NZ MX MX1 Champion Cody Cooper stepped into TV lights, camera and action filming a Technical piece on Bike Set-up and preferences for Pro Racing with Sky Sport Speed show.

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Photo Credit: Phil Empson

Not shy of the camera though more comfortable on the bike, Cody embraced the opportunity to let viewers know what goes on behind the scenes setting up his race bike with The Honda Shop Racing bike mechanic Eric Cowley.

With an enthusiastic Sky Speed camera guy Dave, along with directions from the show’s Producer Chris Herd, Coops and Eric explained different bike settings, reasons why and specific likes on the CRF 450cc in the workshop followed up with testing at SWMCC track.


Photo Credit: Phil Empson

For Cody the new experience was:

Coops: ‘Well I definitely know I will never be doing movies haha, as a camera in ya face makes you forget what you were meant to say. But we pulled through and got it done’.

‘The guys filming made it way easier for us with little tips here and there. I think it will be a good piece for a lot of people to find out what we actually do to our bikes before racing’.


Photo Credit: Phil Empson

With credit to Sky Sport Speed for taking up the piece, this new take on promotion of NZ’s top Motocross riders on TV is not only a great warm-up to NZ’s MX season but also builds momentum on what it takes to race Motocross at a Professional level.

Always keen to show all facets of the sport from physical skills, technical ability and mental determination to an audience not necessarily associated with our sport, getting TV air time has been the perfect avenue to promote what makes Motocross so fulfilling and challenging for Pro riders.

For Cody there are plenty of rewards and challenges:

‘The biggest thing for me these days is having as much fun as I can with my training and riding. Not taking it all for granted. I’d say injuries are the most challenging thing in our sport. Mentally it can get you’.

And what keeps the passion alive, the fire in the belly to race competitively in what looks to be a top class field in 2015 NZ’s MX1 Championships:


Photo Credit: Phil Empson

‘As I injured my knee (ACL) and had some problems with it over the last 5 months, I want to come back faster and stronger than last year’.

‘But saying that, the last 6 months off the bike will be a blessing as I am having good fun every time I swing a leg over the bike’.

Words: Sharon Cox








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