Steffi Laier Women MX World Champion 4x-1st Overall EMX Women Championship Round 4

Steffi Laier Women MX World Champion 4x-1st Overall EMX Women Championship Round 4

Steffi Laier has achieved remarkable career racing WMX winning very first Women’s World Cup in 2005, followed by winning 3 consecutive Women MX World Championship Titles in 2009, 2010 and 2011.

Steffi Laier 2009 WMX Champion Photo Credit: Vital MX

What makes results even more inspiring, is Steffi’s passion, motivation and decisiveness to continue racing WMX Championship Rounds to present day including competing in 2019 EMX Women Championship Series.

In Part One of Two Part article, Steffi re-caps on decisions made racing 2019 WMX calendar along with results for EMX Women. Part Two focuses on Steffi’s thoughts, comments, and opinions on winning 4x WMX Championship Titles and all in between.

#110: ‘About 4 weeks before the first WMX GP at Valkenswaard I broke 2 ribs and had a fracture in my shoulder blade. Till the last moment I did hope that I could compete. My doctor said I should think about it very carefully because one crash and the rips could puncture the lungs then it could be over. So I made a wise decision to not ride that GP’.

Steffi Laier EMX Women Round 4 Photo Credit: Mike Mazout

‘After that I thought why not ride the EMX Women because this Series starts a bit later. With actually only 3-4 weeks practice I thought if I could make Top 5 I would be happy’.

‘Yes till now everything goes good so far who did expect that…Till now every Round I was on the podium and of course my ‘home’ Round was very good. I feel more and more comfortable on the bike again’.

With a bank of race experience locked within the KTM rider from racing WMX over course of half-her-life, Steffi remains selective on how to manage training, work commitments, race schedule and all in between.

Adaptability remains key, not just on the track but outside racing, and results have proved Steffi has all verve, tenacity and conviction to compete amongst WMX peers. With EMX Round 5 at Dutch venue of Arnhem, Steffi shifts her focus to gaining as much practice on sand, with the added bonus she gained 2-4 result at 2018 WMX Round 5 at Assen for 3rd Overall.

Steffi Laier EMX Women Round 4 Photo Credit: Mike Mazout

#110: ‘Actually I am not staying in Germany now. I need to practice in the sand now therefore Belgium and the Netherlands will be my practice for the next weeks’.

EMX Women Championship points standings are still up for grabs with Steffi leading the table on 180 to 2nd place Shana van der Vlist on 159 and Lynn Valk on 144.  And, Round 4 proved anything is possible with Danish rider Sara Andersen pushing Laier all the way, taking first Race win for 1-2 to Steffi’s 2-1 Overall win for the day.

All of which keeps Steffi on point:‘I need to find a good balance between practice time but not over training to combine with my normal work life. We will see what will happen but like for everyone it’s not done till the last chequered flag’.

Header Photo: Steffi Laier EMX Women Round 4, Photo Credit: Mike Mazout.

Words: Sharon Cox.

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