Throwback: 2009 Junior World MX Championship 3rd Hamish Dobbyn

Throwback: 2009 Junior World MX Championship 3rd Hamish Dobbyn

This is Part 2 of an article I wrote on Hamish Dobbyn post 3rd in 2009: Junior World Motocross Championships.

Hamish reveals the power of the mind can overcome any obstacles to success- injuries, lack of training and bike time.

Hamish: ‘Yes, definitely the mind is the strongest thing out there. If anything my injuries gave me time for mental preparation, how to train the brain to ride the bike perfectly without being on it. At night I would visualise perfect lines to take, technique to go round the track with no mistakes. It has to be perfect visualization: standing, sitting at the perfect time, leg out, smooth throttle, speed’.

Photo Credit: Rice Photography

Photo Credit: Rice Photography

HD: ‘Sure, injuries knock you back, but I learnt a lot from it. The mental side of Motocross is a hard thing to learn’.

Developing mental toughness comes with experience, racing, sitting on the side-lines waiting to get back on the bike.

Hamish has worked that out, learning when to zone out, when to tell yourself ‘you’re the best out there…’ and when to put nerves on hold till racing is over.

Lining up against Darryll Hurley and Josh Coppins at SummerX 2007, MX1 tested his ability to compete against his peers on debut ride at Pro level.

Hamish: ‘Being my first time in MX1 I talked myself not to be psyched out, not to worry who was on the line and not to think what could go wrong. It was more picture how to do it, hole-shot, be a bit cocky, and make sure I’m not too pumped as you can freak out otherwise’.

HD: ‘Every time I get behind the gate I do the best I possibly can, give 100%- that’s how it was at Taupo’.

Always driven to achieve his goals, was switching to Kawasaki Team 3 weeks before Worlds a risk?

Hamish: ‘The shift to Kawasaki Team helped me put structure in place thanks to the efforts of Craig Guy my mechanic and others in the Team. Craig has taught me heaps, his knowledge and experience from working with Cody Cooper in 2008 USA season has been invaluable. I totally trust what he says’.

HD: ‘Respect for my peers Ben Townley and all the support from my Dad made results possible’.

Finishing 2nd Race 1 FIM Junior World 125cc behind Eli Tomac and 4th Race 2 taking 3rd Overall- has Dobbyn fulfilled his goals?

Hamish: ‘It was cool to get 3rd but I still see it as 2nd loser on the track. Personally, I haven’t achieved what I wanted, I don’t feel any different now than before. I wanted to get on the podium but for me the challenge is I want to win’.

HD: ‘Basically 3rd showed me I can do it, professionally and now, personally I’m not going to let anything stand in my way’.

Words: Sharon Cox

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