When Less is More: Racing Dirt

When Less is More: Racing Dirt

With 32 Motocross stories to TV Networks in NZ- less is definitely more to tell mainstream audience what the sport is about.

Whether the story involves rider interviews, wrap of rider results, preview of event, and insight on bike/training/track racing the message is the same: tell the story in a way that makes people take note- this sport is unique to so many people- riders, families and friends all over the world.

Photo Credit: MXGP

Photo Credit: MXGP

No other sport (NZ based) can boast so many businesses making a living from selling off-road bikes and all gear that goes with riding. Motorcycle shops out-sell any other sport related retail outlet – way over and above traditional sports. How many rugby shops do you know making a living from selling rugby gear?

Which makes the connection between rider-parent-family-friend even more special. Those people close back their rider no matter what, over a period of time whereby the rider reaches a chosen goal.

No matter what size bike, what age of rider, what track, anywhere in the world it is the same.

Rider+ parent+ friend = Motocross time together.

The bonds strengthened through spending time training, at the track, racing, talking pre-during-post event racing at any level is unmatched and never forgotten.

Photo Credit: MXGP

Photo Credit: MXGP

Goal setting, commitment, determination to achieve, pride, appreciation and self-belief are part of what the sport is about for every rider- grass-roots to World Motocross Champions.

Champions of 3rd generation riders are now in the making- a bond handed down from parent to rider. Everts family exudes this special place: Harry Everts- Stefan Everts- Liam Everts.

Winning becomes a life-long experience as stated by Stefan Everts taking his first World MX2 Title. ‘This isn’t the result of one season, it is from 4 seasons hard work, sacrifice and never giving up’.

As was NZ’s Courtney Duncan’s win at Qatar going 1-1 in the World Women’s Motocross Championship earlier this year. The win was the culmination of her hard work, never giving up on the goal, the dedication of support from her family, step-father Carey Turner whose unwavering commitment to help Courtney achieve her dream never faltered from one year to the next.

Photo Credit: Sharon Cox

Photo Credit: Sharon C

What Courtney achieved at WMX Opening Round, with Carey: 4 tools, 15 minutes practice and running in a brand new bike, last pit area from everything, not to mention the challenges of finding where to buy oil in Doha- was nothing short of amazing.

With so many people involved in the sport, globally, it remains less is more important.

Motocross brings people together. One heck of a sport- to show the rest of the world what they are missing out on.

Words: Sharon Cox

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