Winning the Marketing Motorsport Game- changer?

Winning the Marketing Motorsport Game- changer?

How to win the Marketing Motorsport game where supply meets demand are the only certain is tough challenge for any Rider, Athlete in any sport, let alone under the radar left-field racer vying for career on World stage.

MXGP-TV Go-Pro Photo Credit MXGP

MXGP-TV Go-Pro Photo Credit MXGP

Given competitive environment of needing Media attention to promote Motorsport event, racers, drivers, organisers, sponsors, promoters and not to mention results, its little wonder what rule of thumb applies in getting name out there to the masses.

Win-win situations are best. Whereby Rider’s endorsement of sponsors/Brand pre-during-post event on varying Media platforms outside actual results rests on Athlete’s ability to communicate with fans, committment to promote products and businesses who actually put rider on race-track through-out season.

Same goes for seeking opportunities to think outside square on how best to let viewers know Rider as person, an Athlete with high aspirations to achieve success amongst x number of other equally competitive individuals wanting top spots on podium.

Points of difference matters in Marketing Motorsport Racers through creative visual content reaching global audience.

MXGP-TV Go-Pro Track Photo Credit: MXGP

MXGP-TV Go-Pro Track Photo Credit: MXGP

So, who gains most from Marketing Motorsport? The Rider, the event, the Brand and sponsors, or the Media?

Collaborative partnerships are key. Latest formal agreement between MXGP/Youthstream and Maxxis Tyres are prime example. Maxxis gains premium exposure through MXGP-TV coverage, website postings of visual content, Brand signage at GP’s through-out 10 month GP season.

Which confirms the point- no longer will Marketing Motorsport Riders and accompanying Sponsors remain by-product of Media race-Rider coverage.

Broadening exposure of Motorsport industry, Racers, Brands, Sponsors requires deliberate, calculated and budgeted resources to channel promotions through associations with audience reach, large in scale and geography.

A game-changer for those into Marketing their Motorsport career.

Words: Sharon Cox






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