Women Motocross World Championship Time-line

Women Motocross World Championship time-line traces the achievements of elite number of Women MX Champions from the initial Women World Cup in 2005 to the inaugural WMX Series of present day.

Steffi Laier WMX winner 2010 Photo Credit: KTM

From the very first winner of Women World Cup, Germany’s Steffi Laier in ’05, to New Zealand’s Katherine Oberlin-Brown (nee Prumm) winning the Title in 2006 and 2007, these world-class riders have carved their names, successes and status in Motocross history.

Let’s crunch the facts-stats-and numbers. Steffi Laier won the Women World Cup in 2005, and then succeeded to dominate the world-class Championship from 2009 through to 2011. Steffi not only won unprecedented number of wins- 19 GP podiums from 21 GP’s on the straight- but also achieved total of 13 GP wins through-out her career.

Breaking Steffi’s strong-hold in 2nd running of Women World Cup was NZ’s Katherine Oberlin Brown- nee Prumm. The Kiwi icon won in convincing style taking 2x Titles with 3 GP wins from 4 GP’s over ’06-’07 which set the bar for Women MX to be elevated to WMX Championship status the following year.

French rider Livia Lancelot rose to new heights in 2008 winning WMX Title which she fought to win again- albeit 8 years later in 2016. Carving new place in GP paddock as only Women owning and managing 114 Motorsports Team, Livia clocked up total of 13 GP wins and 32 podiums before retiring at end of 2017.

Kiara Fontanesi WMX 6x Photo Credit: MXGP

If ever there was a rider to stamp their mark on Women MX World Championship it is Italy’s Kiara Fontanesi. The figures are astounding. From 2011 through to end of 2013 Kiara stood on the podium back-to-back 20x from 20 GP’s.

Winning WMX Championship 2012, ‘013, ‘014 and ‘015, Kiara set unbeatable record of taking 4 Women MX World Championship Titles. And, #8 wasn’t done. With switch of Brand in 2016 not in sync with the Italian, Kiara embraced new approach and reached ulitimate success winning WMX Titles in 2017 and 2018.

6x WMX Titles, total of 20 GP wins and 45 podiums, Fontanesi shines like gold in FIM World Motocross history.

In 2019, NZ’s Courtney Duncan capped off hard-earned WMX Title winning 9 of 10 races, 8 wins back-to back. In what must have been never-ending months of frustration from early signs of blasting the WMX field in debut Round win at Qatar in 2016, Courtney put paid to all her talent, speed, and smart race strategies to nail the long-held dream of winning a Women MX World Championship.

Notwithstanding the WMX Champions, Vice-Runner up and numerous podiums from Nancy Van de Ven and Larissa Papenmeier have kept all above honest in racing for the wins. Nancy finished 2nd Overall in 2016, notching 5 GP wins and 21 podiums to present day. Larissa was Vice-Runner up in 2009, totalling 3 GP wins and 25 podiums. Not to leave out Larissa’s debut in MX2 finishing 16th at MXGP of China 2019.

This film edit traces Women Motocross World Championship time-line from 2005 through to 2019 celebrating each Woman’s success and the mark they leave on WMX history.

Words: Sharon Cox.






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