Women MX World Championship Round 4 at MXGP of Citta di Mantova tomorrow

Women MX World Championship Round 4 at MXGP of Citta di Mantova tomorrow

Women MX World Championship Round 4 races at same venue as previous weekend for MXGP of Citta di Mantova, with plenty of changes taken place to Championship and only 4 races left before Title is decided.

Nancy Van de Ven MXGP of Mantova Photo Credit: MXGP

The final 3 Rounds was always going to be swings and round-about with the world’s best women on the side-line since Round 2 at Valkenswaard in March. COVID, changes to schedule, announcement of racing only on Saturday for WMX along with no fans has definitely set all on edge as to which WMX riders can deal with it all.

Amid disruptions, consistency has been key factor in delivering results on track. Larissa Papenmeier proved her confidence levels have taken upwards turn when she nailed Overall win at Round 2 going 3-1 which she then repeated last weekend at Mantova going 2-2 taking Overall Round 3 win.

It is not just Larissa’s smooth style and calm manner on track that has kept the Team Yamaha Racing #423 rider on point, but also the succession of small changes that Lare has made over course of 12 months which has put Red Plate on her bike.

Standing 2nd Overall, Nancy Van de Ven has all ability in the world to race and win, as she did in Race 2 at Mantova. Perfecting gate-jump, nailing hole-shot and intent on putting gap on field in Lap 1, Nancy proved she is hard to reel in within 11 Lap race. Starts are Van de Ven’s golden key to unlock performance on track, as she admits ‘coming through field from mid-pack is difficult’.

Kiara Fontanesi MXGP of Mantova Photo Credit: MXGP

Italy’s 6x WMX Champion Kiara Fontanesi is far from pleased with her performance at Round 3, even though results of 3rd Overall on Saturday and same position in the Championship have the new mum locked into battle for Title win.

Kiara knows how to maximize her strengths on the track- so mentally tough, so physically prepared and so motivated to race after 12 months off. Coming from last in Race 2 to 5th due to mechanical issue, Fontanesi remains resolute that Q pole, and winning races is the only thing that counts.

NZ’s Courtney Duncan struck mis-fortune in Race 2 at Mantova putting her well earned Championship position down to 4th standing. Definitely hard to swallow given how much CD puts into her racing, yet Duncan has enough verve to put incident aside and complete final 4 races with conviction.

Nice race performance by KTM rider Sara Andersen sealing 6-3 result with hole-shot in Race 1, currently standing 8th in Championship. Not out-done by Andersen’s efforts, Yamaha rider Lynn Valk remains focused on nailing start and lines along with Line Dam and Shana Van der Vlist who make up top 10 Overall.

WMX Round 4 MXGP Citta di Mantova September 30th.

Words: Sharon Cox.

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